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Laser Quartz

Incredibly powerful Quartz formations, natural (unpolished) Laser crystals are identified by a long, tapering main shaft - wider at the bottom - leading to a small (often very small) termination at the tip.  This long, slender body narrowing to a small point results in greatly focused energy, producing a pure, bright white, laser-like energy from the tip.   These crystals are superb at cutting out entities and other negative ‘leaches’ from the aura. When held with the terminated end pointing upward, these powerful crystals throw out a protective field around our subtle and physical bodies. They should be used with great care, however, and never pointed directly at the body.


Lemurian Seed Crystal

Not strictly a Quartz formation, but click here for Barcode formation info, or here for Lemurian Seed Crystal write up in our online A to Z Guide to crystals and their metaphysical properties.




see Cathedral Quartz




see Cathedral Quartz



Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike Quartz

Lightning Strike should NOT be confused with the hollow tube Lechatelierite formation, commonly called ‘Fulgarite’, which is completely different, being an amphorous, silica glass, created by lightning striking Quartz-rich sand.  Also, most definitely NOT rough bits of Quartz sold which claim to ‘spark’ with electricity when rubbed together in the dark!  True Lightning [Strike] Quartz, as the name suggests, is a Quartz crystal which has been struck by lightning at some point in its history. It has been said, that just as the Lemurians left the programmed Seed crystals behind for us to discover when the time was right for us to understand and utilize their energy, so were Lightning Strike crystals created by visitors from other galaxies; imbuing these crystals with otherworldly healing techniques.  These healing techniques are said to have been specifically imparted or downloaded to these crystals via lightning bolts during intense storms in the Minas Gerais area in Brazil.
    They are identified by a unique, continuous, irregular, zigzag mark on the crystal, traveling across one of more of the sides.  This unusual marking was caused by the immense power of the lightning when it struck the crystal.  Often the strike was so powerful that it actually blew the tip off of the crystal. These markings should most definitely not be confused with etching on crystals. Encountering a crystal which has been struck by lightning is very, very rare, and when you have seen one in the flesh, it is quite unmistakable.
    These crystals are considered Grand Formations, and as such can be used to sustain and overcome any form of intense change or trauma which may occur in one's life. There energy is swift and strong.  They are excellent crystals for those who wish change their life path by supplying energy to cut through or break down barriers.
    They have a strong Metatronic energy and are highly charged, having retained the energy from the lightning strike.  They can be used to facilitate contact with beings from other worlds, whilst closer to home they have been used to help spirits stuck on the earth plane move on in to the light.  Where intense fear or an severe lack of love and nurturing has been experienced (as with extreme cases of neglect – humans and animals alike), Lightning Quartz can deliver a bolt of instant, pure, white, Universal healing light to both cut through the fear whilst also delivering an intense, loving, supportive energy
    Lightning Quartz is one of the best crystals for instilling huge amounts of energy into quite literally anything you need to accomplish. This is a crystal of immediate action, and they supply an energy that is extremely focused and dynamic; transferring pure white light to any required direction. This is by no means a subtle energy, however, and care needs to be taken when working with such a Quartz formation.  Although this is by no means a crystal for everyday use (due to its unique energies), it is a crystal, that if one came your way, should be prized, cherished and treated with the utmost respect.   Due to their rarity sadly, many search for years before ever finding one.




Manifestation crystal

Manifestation crystals are a very rare formation identified by the presence of a completely separate, usually very small, crystal growing within another crystal.  There are two main types of Manifestation crystal; the first is where a ‘bridged’ crystal has broken off and then become completely enclosed in the main crystal as it formed over millions of years. The second, and even rarer type, is where a complete, usually double terminated, but occasionally square crystal exists inside in its entirety. Very occasionally you will find several small crystals inside another. 
    People often mistake the natural internal fractures frequently found in Quartz for other crystals growing inside, when in fact this is just an illusion created by reflected light, so identification can be difficult. It is, therefore, best to buy from a trusted source. These crystals are sometimes referred to as Abundance Crystals because of their ability to help us manifest positive results in our lives. The also help us connect with the Divine; to feel the pure white light surround and flow through us. 



Pineapple Quartz

see Spirit Quartz




Phantom Crystal

Phantom crystals are ones which have a 'ghost-like' crystal inside of them.  This 'ghosting' is the same shape as the outside of the crystal or partial phantoms may just be a line or series of lines running parallel with the side(s) of the point.  Phantoms are created by mineral deposits which covered all or part of the outside of the crystal as it formed over millions of years. This mineral deposit was subsequently encased with more silicon dioxide (Quartz), creating the phantom, locked inside like a ghostly shadow. Each colour is created by a different mineral and has its own, individual metaphysical properties. A green phantom is the mineral chlorite, red/brown is hematite or more unusually if it's a blue/red it'll be titanium, white is usually kaolinite and brown is iron.  Phantoms store information gathered over millennia and are, therefore, excellent for helping us access the Akashic Records. They are first rate at activating a person's healing abilities by assisting connection with spirit guides, so are of great use to healers old and new alike. White phantom crystals are of particular use with Kundalini awakening, as they help soothe and stabilise the energy as it spirals up through your chakras during this phase. Judy Hall in the Crystal Bible Volume 1, says that Green (chlorite) Phantoms help with self realization and the removal of energy implants, but the latter should only be done under the guidance of a qualified crystal healer or therapist. Chlorite is considered one of the Master healing crystals. If you feel that your spiritual energy has become a little depleted, try working with a Phantom crystal to get reconnected.




Rainbow crystal

Rainbow crystals are those with the appearance of having a rainbow contained within them. This is, in fact, refracted light hitting an internal crack or inclusion, as with a prism. This refraction may be affected by temperature, causing the rainbow to appear and then disappear so it is worth checking your crystals after being kept in either a warm or cool room.  Rainbow crystals manifest pure white light, bringing the Universal light into the earth plane. They are some of the most uplifting, joyous crystals to have around, especially on a sunlit window sill were they can channel their beautiful energy into our homes.  They can bring clarity to our dreams and can help dispel negativity, replacing it with pure untainted light.


Record Keeper

Record Keeper Crystal

Record Keeper formations are those with the presence of natural, small, usually raised triangles on one or more faces or along the shaft. There may be one or many small triangles. As well as on unpolished Quartz specimens, this type of formation has been seen in other crystals, notably on rough (natural, unpolished) Rubies.  Quartz Record Keeper crystals give us direct access to both the Atlantean and Akashic Records. Through this access we can find out about our karmic record of account, plus that of a friend or client (with their express permission and full understanding of the process).




Sceptre quartz formation

Sceptre Quartz is a formation where the crystal width is greater at the head than at the base, as though a ‘rod’ has grown out of the bottom of the crystal. This formation is excellent for directing power where it is needed during healing, channeling energy from the higher realms and focusing it directly to the heart of the matter (whether this is to the subtle body for healing or to use in meditation to channel energy to a project or goal). Scepters have links with both Atlantis and Lemuria and are super at balancing energies.  They are said to direct healing to the root cause of dis-ease; gently releasing blockages from the subtle light bodies, returning them to a harmonious, vibrational state. This change, in turn, filters down through to the physical.


Seer Stone

Seer Stone

Seer Stones are also known as Dragon’s Eggs or Stones.  In its natural state, this is river tumbled, worn Quartz which has then been polished on one side to permit ‘gazing’ in to the inner realms of the stone through the polished window. As the first name  suggests, these Quartz formations are most frequently used for scrying or ‘seeing’ – a good old fashioned divination stone. They can also be placed under your pillow at night to facilitate dreaming, guide connection and also to assist in dream recall once awake. Due to their connection with water, they’re said to be able to also help us recall pre-birth memories (whilst we were still in the womb). This information is linked to our soul purpose for the present incarnation.  They’re found in Clear, Smokey, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  Most available today are man-made, large pieces of Quartz which have been rounded, rough tumbled then cut and polished on one side.



Self healed crystal

Self-Healed formations are a type of crystal that can be recognised by small crystalline structures at the point where the crystal was removed from its matrix (usually the base of the crystal). It can also take the form of a crystal that has been broken (often along the horizontal plane) with the broken section looking as though it has ‘healed’ – the broken section being completely covered in small crystal formations, with a clear distinction from a broken bottom or forcibly removed point.  These crystals are the Chiron of the crystal world; the wounded healers. There are, therefore, unsurprisingly, superb healing crystals; promoting healing and well being on all levels. They gauge the need of the user and begin to channel healing energy at a pace consistent with their need and ability to start the holistic process of recovery. An essential element of any crystal healing collection.



Shovel Quartz

Shovel Quartz

Shovel Quartz is recognized by one face being quite a bit larger than the others, which in most cases has a scanner, or flat, horizontal tip. The main face also has an exaggerated slant towards the back face giving the overall appearance of a shovel.  Shovel Quartz assists us in finding and working towards solutions. It helps us dig through the muck and mire of low, 3rd dimensional guck which blocks our energy and hinders our progress.  When clearing away the layers which mask our true self or soul purpose, we usually find that this unwanted accumulation of detritus was fear motivated.  It helps us counteract self-limiting concepts which hold us back by healing and safely releasing negative life experiences, whilst focusing our energy and thoughts to the positive aspects of our life and gifts. This Quartz formation helps us not to repeat past mistakes, to ‘dig’ us out of the rut of destructive repeat behaviour which is detrimental to our well being, and soul purpose. It also helps us to recall and retain energetic responses linked to past experiences which were positive, empowering and beneficial.


Singing Quartz/Wand

Singing Quartz Wand

Singing Quartz crystals or wands are similar to Laser Quartz, with a slender shaft from base to tip, although they’re usually much smaller in size; on average 50 to 75mm (2 to 3in). They have a clear, sweet sound when gently allowed to touch each other or another crystal. These beautiful Quartz formations help bring happiness and harmony into your life. Their sweet sound is almost soulful. All Singing Quartz crystals are connected at an energetic level, making them superb for gridding purposes. When used in a grid they produce an incredibly powerful, protective force field. As some crystals contain the spectrum of light (through rainbow inclusions), these beautiful little crystals contain the spectrum of sound. They have a very high OM vibration and act as a natural tuning fork for our subtle energy body; smoothing the aura, releasing energy blockages and aiding harmonic alignment at soul level. They combine the healing energies of the Earth with cosmic stellar energy from the stars; drawing the cosmic vibrations down through our higher chakras; from the 12th  to the 8th, whilst raising energy up through the Earth from the 1st to the 7th until they meet, blend and harmonise throughout your physical, mental, emotional and subtle energy bodies. Due to their strong stellar connection, they are also said to assist our connection with otherworldly beings from galaxies beyond our own.



Skeletal Quartz

see Elestial Quartz



Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz, also called Fairy, Cactus and Pineapple Quartz is a formation defined by one main crystal covered (sometimes entirely) by much smaller terminated crystals. The many tiny terminations which surround the main point are said to greatly amplify the energy of the crystal.  They are also said to help access the mystical and heavenly realm of fairies, dryads and elementals.  They’re excellent for group healing work and also make a super family crystal - the large point being supported and cradled by the smaller ones, whilst in turn the larger point provides a base from which the smaller ones can grow.  These are very energetic crystals with a beautiful vibration. They are most commonly found in Amethyst (as shown left).  Natural specimens are also found coated as part of the ‘Aura’ family; Aqua Aura, Ruby Aura and so on, which would then give the Spirit Quartz the additional benefit of this specific feature.


Starbrary Quartz

Starbrary Quartz

Starbrary crystals are a rare and completely natural type of Quartz formation, which have been encoded and programmed with ancient and detailed information by people from distant star systems. This is the main difference between a Starbrary and a Lemurian Seed Crystal; Starbrarys having been encoded remotely by civilizations that existed outside of our own solar system, whilst Lemurian crystals were embedded with information by people who inhabited our planet; ‘seeding’ or planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover some 10,000 years after they left.
    The language of the Starbrary is similar to that of Lemurian Seed Crystals, but more complex due to the incredible amount of information each one contains. This information is considered crucial to the growth and survival of the human race and the evolution of the planet as a whole. They are also thought to contain important information required to help the Earth at a time of extreme global need or crisis. It follows, therefore, that these amazing and significant crystals are beginning to become available in various parts of the world, so that they reach the Lightworkers across the planet who’ll be working with them.
    Starbrary crystals can be identified by the presence of glyph like markings, etchings, geometric symbols and patterns along their shafts and occasionally on the actual main face of the crystal. Some also carry doorways (portals) or keys. Whilst other natural, unpolished Quartz crystals may carry similar markings, the energy and detail of a Starbrary is undeniably completely different. To read more about Starbrarys and the eight specific types, click here (opens in a new window).


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