Coated or Aura Quartz Crystals

Coated Quartz is natural Clear Quartz which has undergone a special infusion process using pure gold, silver, platinum, indium, titanium or copper. This process involves heating the Quartz to extremely high temperatures (in excess of 1600F) then adding the purified metal in a vacuum, which bonds it to the surface. The result is a permanent coating which has been bonded with the crystal at a molecular level. Although the coating is very thin, usually only 1 micron, it cannot be rubbed or scratched off and the results are quite spectacular. Only the best quality Quartz is used for Aura coating, with any inferior specimens breaking during the heating and bonding process.
    In nature, Quartz can be found with inclusions of all the above metals, but they are often quite rare and therefore tend to be very expensive.
    Metaphysically, coated or Aura Quartz crystals have all of the properties of Quartz, but with the additional benefits of the individual metal. Gold, in particular, is considered the master healer, with platinum having the highest vibration for spiritual work.

Aqua Aura
Colour: Electric mid-peacock blue metallic sheen
Properties: Aids psychic abilities acting as a channel opener, very intense energy, excellent for activating sluggish chakras and for smoothing the aura after a healing treatment. Good for acute conditions (if a chronic condition is indicated, Opal Aura is preferable)

Tanzine Aura (rare)
Indium or Indium & Gold
Colour: Violet/Indigo, if with gold then also has metallic sheen
Properties: Similar in appearance to Aqua Aura (slightly paler) but resonates with the Violet Ray (Violet Flame) rather than the Blue Ray. High vibration crystal which can help with non-attachment and releasing Karmic debt, therefore excellent for ascension work. Aids intuition on a slightly different level to Aqua Aura, providing access to the Source for inner-knowledge and enlightenment. Called Tanzine after its similarities to Tanzanite.

Ruby Aura
Gold & Silver
Colour: Deep metallic pinky/red
Properties: Vitality and passion are this crystal’s keywords. Super where lethargy is present, especially after a long or persistent illness and also for restoring vivacity and strength after grief or loss. Protective on a physical level, resonates with the Root or Base Chakra

Opal Aura (also know as Angel  Aura)
Platinum or Platinum & Silver
Colour: White with subtle metallic rainbow hues
Properties: Resonates with the Violet, Silver and Blue Rays. Exceptionally protective crystal, yet with a delightful, serene vibration. Excellent for sensitive types and also where chronic conditions are indicated. Wonderful for angelic communication. Purifying, calming, restores inner peace.

Titanium Aura (also know as Flame or Rainbow Aura)
Titanium & Niobium
Colour: Vibrant deep metallic rainbow colour, like looking at oil on water
Properties: Stimulates clairvoyant abilities; a seer’s stone. Assists with kundalini rising, excellent for creative endeavors, resonates with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. Wonderful when looking for inspiration; whether artistically, in business or to find a creative solution to an a persistent problem

Cobalt Aura
Coating: Cobalt
Colour: Deep metallic peacock-blue
Properties: Stimulates the Third Eye or Brow chakra. Of particularly use for clairvoyant work. Excellent for stimulating creative energies. Lifts the mood and helps raise the spirits. Promotes inner peace and harmony. Aids communication. Resonates with the Blue Ray (or Flame).

Imperial Gold Aura ( also known as Tangerine Aura)
Coating: Gold & Iron
Colour: Soft metallic orange
Properties: This particular Aura crystal shares many of the same properties found with natural, ironed-stained Tangerine or Abundance Quartz. Energizes the Sacral chakra, enhances creativity, balances emotions and promotes healthy sexuality. An excellent choice for those who experience feelings of being either emotionally numb or over-emotional. Balances the Sacral chakra. Excellent manifestation crystal.

Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz

Above: Aqua Aura Coated Quartz

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