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Animal Chakra System, Horse, Dog & Cat - new poster sizes available: A3, A4 & A5
Gemstone Angel Keyrings - 10 gemstones to choose from
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Vogel-style double terminated chakra pendant
Cat Wisdom & Dog Wisdom oracle cards

Reiki Healing Crystals for
the New Age

Seeds of Light crystal healing wand: Psychic & Chakra available
ReikiCrystals: Reiki Stones, Reiki Boards, Karuna Reiki Stones
Seeds of Light © Chakra Wand

Crystal of the Month

Gem Essences
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Check out our CRYSTALANIA section for the best Working Tools: pendulums, wands, palmstones, etc

Crystal Carvings: Buddhas, Angels, Animals, etc, and  Miscellaneous  for super gift ideas

Reiki / Energy Boards©
Exclusive to Patinkas
Beautifully handcrafted crystal Reiki web of light grids with wand, pyramid & affirmation cards

Earth Essence


Crystal Guide

Fascinating new A to Z illustrated Guide to Quartz Formations including Channeler and Trans-Channeler/Dow crystals, Starbrary, Aperture, Spirit Quartz, etc Click

Turquoise Ring in sterling silverOver 20   exclusive new rings: inc Turquoise (right)  top quality Amber, Opal, Rainbow Moonstone Amethyst, Labradorite, + many more. New Kyanite Healer’s Rings + superb Moldavite pendants and A-Grade Charoite - Violet Flame- pendants

on this site

Healing Sets

Elemental Stones©Lovely Healing Sets including these exclusive Elemental Stones© (above) and gorgeous crystal Rune & Book Set with 192-page paperback, pouch and pocket guide  Go to CRYSTALANIA & click on Working Tools then Healing & Chakra Sets

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Palm ChrysocollaNew Wands & Palm Stones including Archangel Chamuel & Zadkiel wands plus gorgeous and rare Pink Petalite Palms plus Chrysocholla & Shell Jasper

New on this site
moon phases


Pendulums Wands  :  Palmstones  Healing & Chakra Sets
Pyramids  :  Eggs & Spheres

Never Miss A Full Moon! The light of the Moon is an excellent way to re-energise your crystals. Click here for more info

Pet's Corner

crystal gifts for your pampered pooch or faithful feline! 

An award winning, international, online store - here at Patinkas we specialise in supplying top quality holistic gemstone jewellery and quality crystals including gemstone pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  We are a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in crystals and healing with an extensive working and healing tools collection, including wands, palm stones, pyramids, pendulums/dowsers, healing & chakra sets, MerKaBa and Platonic Solids.  We also offer an exclusive gem essence range called Earth Essences and have interesting and educational crystals and related goods for children.  Lots of gorgeous new age and metaphysical items from gemstone buddhas and ascension crystals, Sanskrit Chakra Balancing Stones, angels to crystals for your cat or dog and violet flame pendulums! Plus plenty of free interesting information on cleansing crystals, quartz properties, care of your jewellery / jewelry, reiki, crystal healing and  feature articles.

Agate - Amber: Cognac, Green & Yellow - Ametrine - Amethyst - Atlantisite - Aventurine: Green & Peach - Azestulite - Azeztulite - Biwa Pearl - Blue Lace Agate - Boji Stones - Boulder Opal - Branburg - Cat’s Eye - Celestite - Charoite - Chrysocolla - Clear Quartz - Dendritic White Chalcedony (Merlinite) - Dichroic Glass - Dioptase - Enhydro - Fire Opal - Fluorite - Garnet - Golden Azeztulite - Golden Healer - Golden Rutile - Herkimer Diamond - Iolite - Jade: Green & Lavender - Kullu Rosie - Kunzite - Kyanite - Labradorite - Lapis Lazuli - Larimar - Lemon Quartz - Lemurian Seed Crystal - Libyan Desert Glass - Malachite - Moldavite - Mookaite - Morganite - Mother-of-Pearl - Nirvana Quartz - Opal (Angel) Aura - Orbicular Jasper - Paua Shell - Peridot - Phantom Quartz - Phantom Quartz - Phenacite - Phenakite - Pink Moonstone - Pink Petalite - Pink Tourmaline - Quantum Quatro - Rainbow Moonstone -  Rhodochrosite - Rhodonite - Rose Quartz - Ruby in Zoisite - Ruby in Fuschite - Sataloyka Quartz - Seraphinite - Shiva Lingam - Shattercite - Siberian Amethyst Quartz - Siberian Blue Quartz - Siberian Green Quartz - Spirit Quartz - Starbrary Quartz - Star Diopside - Sugilite - Sunstone - Tektite - Thualite - Tibetan Quartz / Blackspot - Titanium Aura - Topaz: Blue & Lemon - Tremolite - Trigonic Quartz - Turquoise - Unakite - Verdite

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Starbrary Quartz

Small cherubEarth Essence© Range
Delicately fragranced crystal aura sprays developed for use in all aspects of modern life. There are eight to choose from, and even one for your favourite pet!
Carry a bit of Heaven in your pocket!

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Healing Tools

Where Quality and Friendly Service Really Matter

Reiki / Energy Board
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Cleansing Crystals
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Reiki Stones© - low stock!

Click here to view our awards

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Reiki Stones - Reiki Healing Crystals

Exclusive to Patinkas: Quartz crystals engraved with
the sacred
Reiki Healing Symbols
click here for details

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Also available:
Karuna Reiki Stones
© & Reiki Stones©

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Beautiful boxed sets of Archangel Stones in Angelite, accented with genuine gold leaf. Set of four stones engraved with the individual ancient sigil of each Archangel

Exquisite Seeds of Light©
Archangel Wands

including Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel,  Zadkiel & Chamuel
+ Psychic & Chakra (left) wands

Reiki Symbol

Archangel Wands

Archangel Stones©

Archangel Stones

Chakra System of the Horse, Dog & Cat Posters
Available in A3 (large),
A4 (medium) and A5 (small)  - individually or discounted for a set of three. Laminated or un-laminated. From £3.00 + P&P

Healing Sets

Elemental Stones©

Gorgeous new healing sets: Elemental Stones© (right)

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Exclusive range of Gemstone Pendants set in sterling silver

Reiki Symbol
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Fabulous New Collection of ‘Ab Fab’ crystals (above)
From left to right:
- Stunning Cathedral Lightbrary
Gorgeous Starbrary Quartz
Magnificent Lemurian Seed Crystal with Phantom
- Exquisite Isis Starbrary
Majestic Cathedral Lightbrary . . . plus more . . .

Reiki Boards©

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PayPal: Secure Online Payments via all main Debit/Credit cards and e-cheques

Secure Online Ordering

Pet's Corner - Sherbet Dip wearing a Carnelian Dog Collar Crystal - NEW Small collar  crystals available for dogs
Merkaba - Amethyst, Rose and Clear Quartz - single, pairs, boxed and un-boxed

Animal Chakra System Posters

NEW: exquisite new Pendulums (below)
Beautiful collection of exclusive gemstone pendulums. Most set in 925 sterling silver. Handcrafted in the UK

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Angel Keyrings
10 gemstones to choose from  £4.99 each (boxed)

Merkaba crystals (right)

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Archangel Stones
Fabulous new collection of 'Ab Fab' Crystals: Starbrary Quartz, Cathedral Lightbrary, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Isis Starbrary . . .

Ab Fab crystals - fabulous new collection of rare crystals

Rose Quartz Heart Pendulum in 925 sterling silver
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Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring
Amber Sterling Silver Ring
Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
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Archangel Stones
Exclusive collection of Pendulums, many set in 925 sterling silver. Handcrafted in the UK

NEW: Lots of beautiful, unique sterling silver & gemstone rings

Stunning new collection of Ab Fab crystals
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Stunning, Huge, A-Grade, Smokey Quartz Angel

Stunning, huge, A-Grade Smokey Quartz Angel carving (Ab Fab)

Card payments now taken over the phone
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