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EarthKeeper Quartz

Earthkeeper crystals, as the name implies, are the guardians of the Earth and nature. They are the giants of the crystal world, weighing in at huge amounts, with 2,000lbs not being uncommon with this type of Quartz formation.
    These beautiful colossus are ancient, wise characters, with a gentle but definite, very steady, slow acting energy. Their equivalent in the tree world would be an ancient Oak. Compared to the average size of Quartz crystals we’re used to handling and working with, the Earthkeepers are immense. They work best if placed outside, either at the entrance to your property, in the garden or even as a feature of a homemade stone circle. Their natural environment is in the outside, connected to nature and the roots of our planet.   These guardians connect directly with the core energies of the planet, linking in to each other via their contact with the physical ground, creating a steady, constant, crystal web of light. We’ve given them a 4-diamond (very rare) rating, not so much because of their rarity, but because of their lack of availability. For obvious reasons of weight and prohibitive shipping costs, most people don’t sell them. You may see them as a feature in a crystal shop, geological exhibition or in a museum. If you ever get the opportunity of bringing one of these beautiful crystals home and it won’t break your bank (or your back), don’t pass it up.



Elestial Quartz

QF Elestial Qtz sml

Elestial Skeletal Quartz

Elestial Skeletal Quartz


Also called Skeletal Quartz, Elestial Skeletal, Elestial Lightkeeper or Fenster Quartz, this particular formation reflects and emits light like no other crystal. They’re wondrous, beautiful crystals and are excellent facilitators for vibrational healing of all kinds, not just crystal healing.
    There are several types of Elestial Quartz, more often than not they’re Smokey Quartz, but all have a similarity and you can quite clearly see they belong to one family group. They best ones come from a very small area in a mine in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.  Some crystals have a large main point with flat layers of other points built up over them; mostly if not all pointing upwards or flaring outwards. Others are a mass of medium to large terminated crystals assembled in an overall pointed shape (as opposed to a cluster where points go in all directions) and others still appear to have deeply etched sides, over one main crystal termination (see top left). Then there’s the Master Elestial formation which has individual terminated crystals packed closely up along the sides of one, large main termination
    Finally, there’s the last and most unusual type of Elestial called Skeletal or Fenster Quartz (see bottom left). This is a fascinating crystal with a unique formation. These are most often found as Clear Quartz, double terminated specimens. Due to unstable conditions in the Earth when it was forming, there was dissolution in its growth leaving an external framework like structure, but often without the inside being completely filled by the liquid crystal material. The result is a kind of chambered crystal.  The other name for Skeletal Quartz, Fenster comes from the German, meaning ‘window’, and that’s exactly what it’s like looking at a piece of Elestial Skeletal Quartz; as though you’re looking through a window into a multi-chambered room. This type is also often filled with masses of little light-bearing rainbows.
    Elestial Quartz has a high vibration and acts as gateway crystal in accessing and channeling the pure white light of the Universe, whilst helping us attune to the new planetary light vibrations. Unsurprisingly, they align best with the Third Eye, Crown and Higher Crown Chakras; assisting with the advancement of spiritual growth and increasing the light-body quotient. Where energy may have been seriously depleted they can help restore it, whilst also balancing the subtle and physical bodies.  Their ability to act as gateway crystals can also be used for astral travel to higher dimensions. This is best achieved through meditation, and can be of particular use for karmic past life work.




Enhydro Quartz

An Enhydro formation is one which contains a (usually small) amount of liquid with a gas bubble. Technically speaking they should actually be called ‘Quartz with fluid bubble inclusion’, but are commonly called, bought and sold as Enhydro crystals. The bubbles were formed when different sides of one crystal developed at differing rates. This process created small pits or indentations on the crystal face, which, as more liquid crystal layers built up over it, it became encased completely, like a little hollow channel. Any liquid remaining in this enclosed space contracted as the crystal cooled, pulling away from the sides of the channel forming a vapour bubble.  The bubble is not always pure water but may also be salty water, carbon (as with the black inclusions found in Herkimer ‘Diamonds’) or oil, which is a golden yellow colour and can be found in Herkimer type crystals from Afghanistan’ known as Golden Herkimers. The bubbles can be quite sizable, but more often than not are so small that they may be difficult to see with the naked eye. When located, however, if you gently tip the crystal from side to side you can see the trapped bubble ‘run’ up and down inside its channel! 
    These lovely crystals are particularly useful for working on any emotional issue; water representing emotion. They can enhance our ability to empathise with another; to truly understand what another person is experiencing emotionally, which can be of great benefit during a healing session. They are truly fascinating crystals, which have an ancient and magical feel to them; owing not least to the fact that they have both trapped gas and liquid which is millions of years old, suspended inside it for eternity.



Extraterrestrial - E.T.

Extraterrestrial Quartz

Extraterrestrial Crystal (E.T.) These crystals have a single termination at the top, with a lots of smaller points growing out of the base (all facing downwards).  They are very often Double Terminated or D.T. formations also, with the opposite termination having a single point.  The shape of an E.T. crystal gives rise to its name, as they vaguely resemble the flames coming out of the bottom of a rocket or spaceship in flight.  They are similar to self-healed specimens, except that their ‘healed’ base section has far fewer crystals and much larger terminations. 
    This type of Quartz formation has a very dynamic, powerful energy.  They are said to facilitate communication with all extraterrestrial and celestial beings, as well as with the Archangels and your own personal guardian angel. They are an especially useful crystal if you wish to channel information from the higher realms. They help strengthen ones resolve, increase self-confidence, and are said to greatly enhance any intuitive gifts, acting as a strong amplifier. They emit a very vibrant energy, making them superb to use where energy has been depleted, whether it’s people suffering after a debilitating illness or prolonged period of stress, houses suffering from geopathic or environmental stress or even just for general malaise.  This is a crystal with both intergalactic connections and energy boosting turbo properties.



Fairy Quartz

see Spirit Quartz


Fenster Quartz

see Elestial Quartz




Generator Quartz crystal

Generator crystals are most often found polished, but they are also found in their natural state. This formation can be identified as having six equal sides, terminating in a single point, with six, well balanced, triangular faces.  Unsurprisingly, they are called generators due to their ability to ‘generate’ energy; which is focused up through the shaft to the tip. They can, however, generate, amplify, store and transmit energy. They are especially useful when placed in the centre of a crystal layout or grid, and depending on the type of crystal used (for example Amethyst or Rose Quartz) they are super to have in your work environment because of the energy they ’generate’. Placing one in the centre of your healing group when you meet is an excellent way to combine all of the group’s energies, whilst generating and transmitting positive vibrations to the group.



Quartz Geode

Geode – also known as Cathedral, Cave or Vug crystals.  Different names, same formation.  The most popular name, however, is Geode, which comes from the Greek geoides, meaning ‘earthlike’. ’Vug’ is a name for a geode coined by Cornish miners who found these crystals formations in their tin mines, however, technically vugs differ from geodes as the latter are spherical formations, whilst vugs are formed in irregular voids or cavities. Most geodes formed millions of years ago as the Earth cooled. Air pockets or bubbles left behind in this cooling molten rock formed cavities. Over millions of years as the outside hardened, mineral rich water (ground water or hydrothermal fluid), usually containing silicates and/or carbonates, seeped through into these air pockets and as they dried they crystalised, forming beautiful crystal filled spherical masses. In their original, natural state, they look like plain rocks from the outside, but when cut in half, they reveal the stunning crystal interiors we know as geodes. Whilst Quartz is not the only geode crystal found (Smithsonite, Barite and Limonite are others, to name a few), Quartz is by far the most commonly found type although many have Chalcedony or cryptocrystalline quartz (microscopic quartz crystals) in them. Due to the crystals being arranged in a concave pattern, geodes have a slower emission of energy, but what makes them exceptional and very useful formations is that due to their natural design, they produce a very steady flow of energy, making them perfect and quite magical pieces to have in our homes or working environment.



see Isis




Grounding crystal

Grounding crystals are a exceptionally rare formation, usually with a symmetrical, 8-sided main face, but the symmetry is not always present. As the name suggests, these crystals are invaluable in assisting us to become grounded. They also help us to connect with nature and the Gaia energy. When we are experiencing times of extreme stress, these lovely crystals can be of great help and support; steadying and balancing our aura through connection with the earth’s energies. This process reconnects us and reminds us that we are all ‘one’; joined at an energetic level with all other living creatures. They are excellent for people whose energies have become ‘scattered’; where lack of concentration, motivation and sometimes depression are presented. They are also of great use in meditation, as they help us access the truth of a situation whilst keeping us balanced and grounded so that we can clearly and efficiently process the information being channeled. Due to their unusual energy, however, they differ from other standard ‘grounding’ crystals, like Hematite. Natural grounding quartz crystals always present the truth in any given situation, so when working with this particular formation we must remain open and be ready to acknowledge and completely accept this ‘truth’ before seeking a solution to a problem.



Growth Interference

Growth Interference crystal

Growth Interference formations are recognized by what appear to be sections cut out along the main body of the crystal. These marks are in fact indentations left by another crystal which distorted the growth pattern of the Quartz. The crystal which left the indentation has either dropped off in the mining process or may have been removed. The ‘interfering’ crystal (the one which left the indentation) is often Calcite which is far softer than Quartz, but it could also be Quartz itself. This type of formation is believed to a facilitator for identifying and then removing blockages which are holding back your progress in life. With some of the higher vibration Quartz crystals, like Trigonics, Lemurians and Starbrarys, this information would be connected to your spiritual progress or to the ancient pre-programmers of the crystal. This information is best accessed during meditation. Sit quietly whilst holding one of these crystals in your hand and gently run your thumb or index finger along the indentation. Focus on the issue at hand; ask what it is that you need to learn (or in the case of the higher vibration crystals, what the crystal needs to impart) and then still your mind, ready to receive the answer. Sometimes this may be an audible answer or it may be you see a series of images in your higher mind. Either way, with patience, the information will present itself to you in a way that you can understand. Often considered ‘ugly’ or ‘broken’ crystals by the novice, these are extremely useful formations.



Isis (Goddess) crystal

Isis formation crystals are also known as Goddess or Spade.  Although they have different names, they have the same function. Called ‘spade’ because its main face resembles the spade symbol from a pack of cards, whilst Isis and Goddess refer to the same thing; the great Goddess Isis.  This configuration can be identified by the presence of a fairly symmetrical, five-sided, main face. Two long sides come down from the tip to join two shorter ones, which in turn connect to the horizontal base line of the main face.
    Regenerative, compassionate and balancing are the keywords associated most with this crystal formation (5 is the number of regeneration), and they’re not quite as common as you might think.  Isis formations can help balance feminine energy in women, where the imbalance has been caused through an overly assertive, aggressive nature, especially where ego is involved. They can also help us rekindle the goddess energy within, through connection with the great Goddess Isis. Men, too can benefit from these crystals, by helping balance overactive, Yang energy (overly aggressive, dominating, overbearing, etc) and to develop and help reconnect with their feminine side. This is achieved by helping men to express their emotions in a healthy, constructive way. It can also assist men to access deep seated or long buried emotions in a safe, supported way. Just as the shape of the main 5-sided face is designed to help us access the higher realms, conversely, Isis crystals can help bring the spiritual into the emotional realms. Once this connection is made, we begin to react correctly to emotionally charged situations in a calm, balanced manner.  It stop us becoming excessively emotionally involved with others suffering, promoting balanced compassion. Meditate or work with it placed main face down, touching your Third Eye, Heart or Crown chakras. Isis formations are also very useful for Indigo children who find it hard adjusting to the heavy, earth energies. If one of these lovely crystals comes into your life, consider it sacred and honour the Goddess, both within and without.



Japan Twin Law

Japan Twin Law crystal

Japan Law Twin crystals are exceptionally rare, and, therefore, also very expensive.  They are identified as two crystal points growing adjacent to each other on the same base, but at an angle of exactly 90 to each other. 




Key crystal formation

Key formation crystals have a five- or six-sided shallow recess or indentation somewhere on their main shaft. This recess resembles the end on shape of an allen key.  Such formations on Quartz are said to help us answer seemingly unanswerable questions; to help us find the truth in a given situation by unlocking and revealing the underlying problem which may be blocking our progress. Accessing this answer in turn helps us begin the our healing process from soul level out. Crystals with this formation are useful tools to help with the mental healing process, assisting in the release of mental blockages.  An excellent problem or puzzle solver crystal; Key formations can help us understand the subtle messages which may previously have been beyond our understanding. They are excellent diagnostic tools for crystal healing practitioners.
    There is another Quartz crystal which sometimes carries a Key formation; the Starbrary. However, when a Key is found on one of these crystals, it has another name and another purpose. Keys on Starbrarys are called ‘Portals’. This is because the key is used not to access personal information, but is a doorway (or portal) through which we can gain information held with the crystal itself.  This information was ‘downloaded’ into it millennia ago by star people who visited from other galaxies. To read more about Starbrarys, click here (opens in new page).


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