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pendulums, wands, chakra sets, palmstones . . .

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Mobile Phone Charms

fun & funky crystal charms for your mobile phone

Crystal Carvings

pocket angels, animals, buddhas . . .

Reiki/Energy Boards©

exclusive handcrafted crystal grid . . .

Tibetan Shop

mala beads, prayer flags, jewellery . . .


gifts, light boxes, incense, CDs, t-lites . . .

Crystalania: Gemstone Working/Healing Tools for Healers, Crystal Carvings, Reiki/Energy Boards, Reiki Stones, Gemstone Mobile Phone Charms, CDs, Incense, Books, T-Lites, Gemstone Gifts

Superb selection of crystal goods from wands and pendulums to angels and animals - many exclusive items!

Crystal Carvings
Tibetan Shop
Reiki Stones - healing crystals for Reiki

Reiki Stones©

exclusive boxed sets of Reiki healing crystals . . .

Karuna Reiki Stones

Karuna Reiki Stones©

exclusive boxed sets of Karuna Reiki Stones©

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Anyone can benefit from the subtle energies of healing, but it is not meant as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.  Therefore, if you are in any doubt about a medical condition you should consult your doctor in the first instance. The healing properties mentioned throughout this site in relation to crystals and gemstones represent views expressed in the public domain. We have not undertaken any scientific studies to verify their validity.

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11 October 2013

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A to Z Crystal Directory
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