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Quartz Formation

Formation Description




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This type of Quartz can be identified by the presence of a ‘cup’ shape or little hollow in the crystal, large enough to hold a small amount of liquid. When filled, it can be used as a seer stone for scrying, which is why sometimes this formation is confused with a Seer Stone.  If an elixir is placed in the hollow, it would amplify the energy of the elixir exponentially. This formation also promotes ingenuity, logic and creativity. 




Barcode Quartz formation crystal

Barcode or Timeline crystals can be identified by the presence of lines (usually many) running horizontally across the shaft of the crystal. Perhaps most famously associated with Lemurian Seed Crystals, barcode formation Quartz are crystals which are said to contain karmic information from the Akashic Record. This information can be accessed by gently rubbing the striations whilst meditating.  The barcodes on Lemurians are believed to also contain implanted information left by the original guardians of these particular stones who left Earth some 10,000 years ago.



Barnacle formation crystal

Barnacle crystals are those with areas covered with multitudinous numbers of other, much smaller crystals. These smaller crystals may point in many different directions.  The main, larger crystal is considered the ‘wise, nurturer’ supporting the smaller ones.  Barnacle crystals are, therefore, superb for group work of any kind. Clear Quartz examples can be programmed for the benefit and higher good of a working or home environment; creating a harmonious, supportive and creative space. When used for this purpose the crystal should be placed s close to the centre of the group space as possible.



Bridge formation crystal

Bridge (also known as an Inner Child crystal) – a main crystal with another, often smaller, one intersecting it at an angle, protruding from one side and sometimes also partially lodged inside.  These crystal formations act as a bridge between many things; between this world and the higher realms, between healer and patient in distance healing and during meditations, between oneself and your guide or animal totem.  They can also be good ‘mediators’ when communication has broken down between people. Ask the crystal diva to act as messenger and peacemaker between the parties involved, and always remember to ask for the higher good of ALL concerned. Sometimes referred to as Inner Child crystals, they can provide a link to the heart of our inner-child to help healing past traumas.


Cactus Quartz

see Spirit Quartz



see Geode



see Geode


Cathedral Quartz

Cathedral Quartz

Cathedral Quartz crystals (not to be confused with the geode type ‘cathedral’), are also called Lightbrary, Cathedral Lightbrary or sometimes Library crystals.  Cathedral Quartz formations are defined as one main terminated point with other smaller ‘castling’ terminations growing up and out from this point. These beautiful formations are reminiscent of the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis, similar to the fairy tale castle-type or medieval cathedral structures, hence their name.  They are usually very clear; with an almost waxy, very smooth feel to them. Their sides are covered in steps which look like shallow terminations growing up along the main shaft towards the tip. Other than Clear Quartz, they can also be found in Smokey Quartz and sometimes Amethyst and Natural Citrine (not heat-treated orange Citrine).
    These lovely crystals contain the sacred and ancient knowledge of the Akashic records. This knowledge is written in the language of light; embedded in the crystal’s energy structure, and is said to be accessed via meditation. These crystal formations also act as channels through which the Ascended Masters may impart information relevant to humanity at any given time in our evolution. They are extremely powerful healing tools; exceptionally sensitive to receiving Universal frequencies; the essence of which is translated into a clear form for 4th and now 5th dimensional beings to understand and interpret. Because of their ability to receive such information, it is imperative to cleanse this particular formation on a regular basis to keep its energy pristine and pure.




Channeler formation crystal

A Channeler crystal is a formation with a main seven-sided face directly opposite a smaller, perfect triangular face. Again, an appropriate name for an obvious task. Channelers are the crystals placed or left here to facilitate our connection to, or channeling with, the higher realms.  They can also help us delve deep inside ourselves to access buried emotions so that they may be recognised and released safely, letting the cleared space be filled with pure white light. Likewise a practitioner can use one, with their client’s permission, to access information relevant to the client’s healing process. They can help us connect to realms outside of our reach, to access information relevant to our spiritual progress. These are not a beginner’s crystal, however, and should be used with care and only once we are able to discern entities from benign information being channeled. When ready, though, this formation is excellent for use in meditation, healing or for channeling any specific information. Psychics and mediums often favour these crystals for obvious reasons.




Quartz Cluster

A Cluster formation is three or more crystal terminations growing on a common base, but usually they are found with many more. Clusters are lovely crystals to place in almost any room – with the exception of your bedroom. This is because they radiate energy in many directions, in fact in all directions that the many crystal terminations point and with all that energy flowing around it is not conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep! They are excellent ‘family’ crystals; either a physical family or your extended spiritual family, they are also great for group work.  If used for your physical family, place it in the centre of the house and ask the crystal’s deva that it be used for unity and harmony in your home and with your family. Having a specific cluster dedicated to your particular group or circle can be of great benefit also, because over a period of time the cluster will absorb the energies and vibrations of all those present, gradually becoming a single energy source blended from the whole. When you cleanse a cluster used for group work, ask that any negativity (which we all give out at some time) be removed, but that the ‘positive essence ‘ remain intact for the greater good of all.


Curved Quartz

Curved Quartz formation

Curved Quartz is a rare formation.  If you are lucky enough to become the owner of one of these lovely crystals you will have a very powerful healing tool.  Curved Quartz crystals emit a powerful yet gentle energy which encourages flexibility in attitude where a fixed or stubborn manner exists, and they also provide strength and resolve in decision making.  The curve is produced during the developmental stages of the crystal’s growth. The crystal has fractured, changing its alignment, but continues to grow albeit in a different direction. When in your energy (auric) field these most amazing and rare crystals act to continuously align the body’s physical meridians and nervous systems, whilst also cleansing the aura. In turn this facilitates alignment of all levels; physical, mental, emotional and etheric.




QF Devic sml

Inclusions within the main body of the crystal which resemble frost or mist identify this crystal formation. On occasion, however, you may find a one with an actual magical or angelic being still in residence. There will be an obvious inclusion in the shape of an angel, fairy or other similar inhabitant of the heavenly realms . Whilst the first description of a Devic crystal is a one-diamond (◊), common formation, the latter is very rare ◊◊◊◊. Devic crystals are wonderful tools for connecting with the Earth energies and also for making contact with the mystical and otherworldly realms of elementals, angels and fairies. They promote universal love they open our heart to the endless beauty of the natural world. ‘Deva’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘to shine’, hence Devas are shinning or celestial beings – an inhabitant of the heavenly realms.  The photo (left) shows one of the rare Devic crystals with a fairy in residence!

◊ / ◊◊◊◊


Double Terminated

Double Terminated Quartz

Double Terminated crystal.  As the name suggests, these crystals have two terminations or pointed ends. They don’t grow on matrix, as with other Quartz crystal points, but instead form in soft clay, hence having two terminations. Natural double terminated or DT crystals as they are often referred to, can transmit and/or absorb energy from both ends. Sometimes you will find one with a long sharp termination at one end, and a shorted broader one at the other. This type have both male and female ends respectively; with the male being the transmitter, or end used to direct energy outwardly, and the female being the receiver, or end used to draw in or absorb energy. This makes them especially useful for any crystal healing work.  The male/female type has been in part influenced the design of the famous precision laser-cut Vogel crystal wands, designed and developed by Marcel Vogel. Natural DTs are also excellent to use when gridding due to their ability to create a continuous flow of energy between other crystals in a layout.



Dow - Trans Channeler Crystal

Dow crystal formations are also known as Trans-Channelers. The name ‘Dow’ comes from Jane Ann Dow who catalogued some of it metaphysical properties. As the name suggests, Trans-Channeler means that this is a crystal which can both transmit as well as channel information. This formation can be identified by a configuration of three seven-sided faces, each separated by a three-sided triangular face; a 7-3-7-3-7-3 configuration. The main face is always 7-sided.   The combined qualities of the transmitter and channeling crystal in one formation, is of great benefit to crystal healers. As well as being a very powerful tool for meditation and channeling, this crystal type can instantaneously balance chakras and can help assist us with our spiritual progress on to higher levels. They can teach us compassion by showing us suffering in others at a soul level . Another of its missions is to help us serve humanity through spiritual undertakings and working with one can increase our light body quotient. This rare formation will usually present itself to you when you are ready to start working with it.



Dragon’s Egg/Stone

see Seer Stone


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Quartz Formation Classification
Alongside the specific Quartz properties of type, such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, etc, it also has ‘formations’. These formations are nearly always only found in Clear Quartz specimens although occasionally they are found on other Quartz types.  These formations are classified by their geometrical form, shape and other features such as internal inclusions. They add to the overall energy and metaphysical properties of Quartz, therefore, to the uses of an individual crystal. A Quartz crystal may have one, none or numerous formations. The more formations, the more varied the metaphysical uses, but a crystal that doesn’t have any specific formations is still a powerful tool as Clear Quartz is the only truly programmable crystal. Click here to read more. (opens in new page)

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz
All Quartz crystals have six main functions or properties. They can Structure, Store, Amplify, Focus, Transmit and Transform energy on all levels including physical matter, mental thought and emotional energy.  This is reflected in some of the different formations found such as Channeler crystals, Transformation crystals, Double Terminated crystals, Laser crystals and so on.

Whilst some of the formations listed below can be man-made by polishing or carving, this guide deals only with naturally occurring types.

A to Z Guide to Natural Quartz Formations

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