Judy Hall - An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counsellor for over thirty years. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. Her specialties are past life readings and regression; reincarnation, astrology, psychology and natural forms of healing.  Author of many books including the famous bestsellers, The Crystal Bible - volumns I and II www.judyhall.co.uk

Cygnus Books - Cygnus is a small, friendly bookseller, operating a mail order service from Bwlch Agored in the heart of the Welsh countryside.  They select the best mind body spirit books from the 100s published every month, and make them available at reduced prices! There are more than 1200 mind body spirit book titles reviewed on this site, most of them available at 20-50% less than the publisher's price.  Publishers of the excellent, free, bi-monthly magazine and catalogue of new titles, ‘Cygnus Review’.

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cygnus books
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Patinkas Links
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Spirit and Sky  - The largest spiritual directory on the internet. A spiritual repository of knowledge!

spirit and sky
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Below is a list of links, which we hope you may find of interest.  Simply click on an image to go to that site. 
    Whilst every care has been taken when choosing suitable sites to link to, Patinkas cannot be held responsible for validity of content or services on any of these web sites.

If you have a web site with a holistic theme and would like to exchange links with our site, click here to send us your details for consideration.


1 & 1 Internet  - Our site at Patinkas is hosted by 1&1Internet

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Your Aromatherapy - UK stockists of aromatherapy related products for therapists, students, home users and retailers.

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AskShop - UK Online Shopping

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Angels' Play - is a metaphysical counseling service with an excellent online metaphysical directory. They are dedicated to promoting the principles and values of joyful living.

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Online Metaphysical Directory  - It does what it says on the button! 

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Metatropo - Rider Waite Tarot computer flashcards Computer flashcards for learning to read the Rider Waite Tarot. Select cards by category (swords, wands reversed, major arcana, etc.) and be quizzed on the symbolism of each card.

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Angel Play

ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations) - The ACHO was formed in 1988 by a group of crystal healing organisations
to promote training and competence in crystal healing therapy and to act as a nationally recognised representative body for crystal healing.

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Alternative Guide

The Alternative Guide  - The Alternative Guides are the place to look to find out What's Going On in the field of Alternative and Complementary Health and Healing throughout London and the South of England.

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Earth Ways - Earth Ways are a Surrey-based non profit making organisation funded purely on a donation basis. ‘Our objectives are to open a healing centre that will provide a place where all people can come and experience spiritual healing and many other forms of alternative healing therapies, for example aromatherapy, homoeopathy, Reiki and Indian head massage, that may not otherwise be available to you. We will also offer the opportunity to join meditation groups and learn about self healing and earth awareness.’

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psychic directory

Psychic Directory - Psychic Directory .co.uk is the UK’s number 1 psychic directory and has been designed to help you to find a psychic in your area.  We have a vast directory of psychics throughout England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.  Find the psychic you are searching for in our directory.

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Rough & Tumble Lapidary - Southampton-based outlet for polished tumble stones and lapidary equipment.  Hand polished Jet and Amber a specialty. Also offers re-pointing of damaged stones and crystals, makes replacement cabochons for rings and pendants, designs and making one-off jewellery sets.


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CHIS - (Complimentary Healthcare Information Service)The UK's guide to alternative and complementary medicine, self development and natural health.

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Spirit Mind Body - The SMB Web Site was created in order to provide a service to alternative and complimentary therapy practitioners, beauty therapists, metaphysically and spiritually aware folk and like minded kindred spirits.  A super, informative site run by a healer for healers! Web design and hosting also available. www.spiritmindbody.co.uk

Spirit Mind Body
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Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project (ODP) is the most comprehensive human edited directory of the Web, compiled by a vast global community of volunteer editors.

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naturally equine

Naturally Equine  Excellent company offering a range of natural, holistic lotions and potions for equines and their owners. Based in New Zealand.

What they have to say, ‘We are conscious of the concern about applying non-natural products to our pets skin and believe that the lack of un-necessary ingredients sets our range above the rest. We use only the finest natural plant ingredients’.

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TACRA Tarot and Angel Card Readers Alliance. UK based web site for anyone and everyone interested in tarot and angel card reading – for beginners and professionals alike. ‘A meeting place along the spiritual pathway for readers and seekers to come together’.    What they say, ‘TACRA was created in order to filter out the good readers from the bad and to help them with promotion and development.  We will only endorse a reader who's proven their ability and professionalism to us’.

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Jewellery Workshop Top quality designer and traditional precious metal jewellery and watches. A new experience in buying quality jewellery on the Internet .
    What they say, ‘jewelleryworkshopuk.com is a family run business and has nearly 50 years experience in the Jewellery trade. We can offer jewellery lovers the opportunity to purchase high quality jewellery without the hassle of going from shop to shop and without the expense, we hope you like our site’.


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Holistic Junction is your source for Holistic Practitioners; Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Reflexology Schools; Alternative Healthcare; Insightful Literature and so much more!

Holistic Junction
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OmPlace The 'Conscious Living' Directory and Alternative NewsRoom
    ‘We live in a new age. We live healthier lives, seek change and look for alternative ways to prevent and cure disease, protect the environment, improve health and evolve as spiritual beings. We take responsibility for our health and spiritual choices. Having access to information when you need it in an ever-changing world can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.’

Om Place logo
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Angelic Reflections Gifted intuitive artist who is able to visually tap into the angelic realms and has created many angel inspired drawings and paintings. A lovely spiritual site indeed!

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The Ascension Network is a spiritual and new age web community. They have dedicated over 10 years to providing free resources for enlightenment and growth.  What they have to say: ‘Take some time to explore our web site. This site respects the perspectives and faiths of everyone. Please take something from this site and share it with others’.

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Ascension Network

ReallyRelaxing.co.uk sell a wide range of products designed to relax your mind, body and soul.
    Their range of products include aromatherapy oils and accessories, oil burners and fragrances, candles, bath and body care products, massage oils and lot more

Really Relaxing
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Occult Advances is a US based site that offers a wealth of esoteric information and resources: Kabbalah and the Tree of Life Symbol, The Language of the Lost City of Atlantis Continent, Elemental Magic: Fire Water Earth Air / Wind Correspondences Chart, Human Aura Reading and Cleansing, Chakras System and more.

Occult Advances
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Paranormal Site

Paranormal Site sells Paranormal Products - Books, Tarot Decks, Software, Divination Cards

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The Ability Project aims to open the internet to as many disable people as possible; to raise awareness with web site designers and owners of the technological requirements of disabled people and also to encourage employers and people in general to ‘see the ability and not the disability’

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Tran-Quality A UK company offering natural health & well-being, gifts and complementary therapies. Showing you the way to a tranquil lifestyle.

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Stress busting

Stressbusting A UK company offering stress busting tips, treatments and cures for reducing anxiety and relieving stress. Articles on relaxation techniques by stress relief experts.

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gemstone deva

GemstoneDeva.com, the ultimate resource on divination, gemstones, megaliths, mythology and paganism.

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remedy index

Remedy Index  Leading Worldwide Directory for all things relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicines including Therapists, Retail Outlets, Training Centers, Testing Services and Retreats.

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sean bradley angel man

Sean Bradley – The Barefoot Angel Man. Spiritual healer, life coach and teacher based in Cumbria

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chinese medicine directory

Chinese Medicine Directory Your Source for all Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Needs

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Crystals HQ

Crystals HQ Categorized resource directory for everything about crystals. Learn everything about Crystals.

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Super Salt Lamps Our Himalayan salt lamps & Himalayan salt candle holders are made of 100% natural Himalayan Salt Crystal Rocks and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

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Institute of Psychic Development

The Institute of Psychic Development guarantee to help you develop your psychic ability in record time in a non-wacky format whilst using proven accelerated learning techniques.

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safe shopper

At Safe Shopper UK we have searched the web to find the best online shopping sites in the UK.

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angelic reflections
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Jacky Newcomb

Jacky Newcomb - The Angel Lady. Internationally renowned psychic, healer and best selling author. Author of the famous An Angel Saved My Life, An Angel By My Side and An Angel Treasury. - buy a copy of An Angel Treasury here at Patinkas

Angels, Afterlife, Contact from the Other Side, Faeries, Spirit Guides, Psychic Pets, Children’s Psychic Experiences, Ghosts and Spirits . . . share your stories

super salt lamps

Diana Cooper - Internationally acclaimed best selling author, healer and teacher.

Diana Cooper's web site has fascinating and useful information about Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters plus it features her Books, CD's, Angel Cards and Talks, Pictures, Articles and a lot more.

Contact e-mail: natalie@dianacooper.com  Contact Tel: +44(0)1202 581898

Diana Cooper
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Crystal Insight

Crystal Insight is a UK based web site offering personal, empowering Tarot readings (sent to you by e-mail) by a qualified Tarot Consultant, Selina.  You can have a choice of different readings; one card, three card, seven card, or even a reading for the next 12 months!  This sight also offers information about Reiki, Crystal Healing and other interesting esoteric subjects. Selina is an endorsed reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and is also a qualified healer.
Web site:  www.crystalinsight.co.uk    E-mail: selina@crystalinsight.co.uk.


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Suppliers of medical grade essential oils. Established since 1979, customers include NHS trusts, Royal Schools for the Deaf and many thousands of Home Enthusiasts. 
Web site: http://www.hermitageoils.com Contact e-mail: info@hermitageoils.com  Contact: Adam Martain 

Hermitage Oils
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McGivern Loose Diamonds -  Dealer of Loose Diamonds at Over Night Diamonds.  Looking for unique diamond rings, engagement rings, platinum rings? We can supply! Our yellow diamonds, canary diamonds, asscher diamonds are sold at wholesale diamonds prices. www.overnightdiamonds.com

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Tranquil Days – Cheryl Buckley is a Hampshire-based healer and therapist. She offers a vast  array of wonderful therapies including: Aqua Detox, Ayurvedic Ear Massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Face Massage, Hand Conditioning, Hopi Ear Candles, Indian Head Massage, Japanese Face Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Back Massage, Thai Hand Massage, Tibetan Head Massage.  Cheryl is a member of: the FHT, MICHT, MIPTI, UKRA & MICHT. For more information, visit her web site:  www.tranquildays.com

Tranquil Days - Cheryl Buckley
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Aquarius Healing - Henriette Hackenberg is a Netherlands-based healer and spiritual teacher, specializing, amongst other things, in Angel Therapy. A lovely, spiritual and informative web site.   www.aquariushealing.com

Aquarius Healing
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Spiritual Quest

Spiritual Quest - Salt Lamps, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Bath Salts, Om Symbol Candleholders and more.
www.spiritualquest.com Email: rick@spiritualquest.com US-based company

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Equine Holistic Therapy Ltd

Equine Holistic Training & Therapy - Jilly Tanton NAREMT (hons) owns and manages Equine Holistic Training & Therapy Ltd, which is based in Norfolk. She offers consultations and clinics at your home or workplace throughout East Anglia and offers practical teaching and home study courses. Jilly teaches across the UK and also in Spain. Her alternative approach incorporates Myo-Fascial Release Therapy, Cranio-Sacral, Chakra Balancing, Meridians, Crystal Healing and the incredible power of Essential Oils and Flower Essence Remedies. Jilly is qualified in many areas of equine therapy and is a member of The National Association of Registered Equine Massage Therapists. Web: http://www.equineholistictraining.co.uk    Email: info@equineholistictraining.co.uk

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Hypnotherapy Directory – a web resource that only lists hypnotherapists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have provided copies of their qualifications and insurance cover. http://www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk

Hypnotherapy Directory

iHampshire - Patinkas is listed on iHampshire - the local business directory for Hampshire

Canine Massage Therapy Centre - Based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, the Canine Massage Therapy Centre is owned and run by Natalie Lenton; a highly qualified, world leading canine massage practitioner. Therapeutic canine massage blends four styles of massage with advanced canine anatomy. It’s not pampering, it’s a remedial form of soft tissue and muscular manipulation that relies on a sound, strong knowledge of the dogs’ muscular make up and anatomy to ensure profound positive change and results in your dog’s health and mobility. Courses and workshops available plus there’s an online shop offering a vast selection of products for your dog from mobility aids to supplements & DVDs. http://www.k9-massage.co.uk  Email: info@k9massage.co.uk

Canine Massage Therapy Centre
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