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Tabular Quartz (Tabby)

Tabby Quartz

Tabular or Tabby crystals are ones with two large flat sides and two small, thinner sides, often with small grooves or notches on one or both sides. To qualify as a Tabby the width must be at least twice the depth.  Tabby crystals can help enhance communication, smooth energy flow and help integrate ideas from the mental to physical realm. They are said to be superb at helping us to communicate on all levels and with all sentient beings; people, animals and in nature and, more importantly, can assist us in being understood. If they have grooves, these are said be able to grant us access to information concerning our past, present and future condition; they are information retrieval crystals. To access this information you have to sit quietly with your crystal (having first cleansed it thoroughly) then rub your finger across the grooves in a downward motion (at 90 to the grooves). This allows the crystal to ‘open’ and share their knowledge with us.  This type of crystal can also be used to help activate other crystals. Try holding the tabular crystal in your right hand, whilst rubbing it gently with your thumb, whilst holding the other crystal in your left hand (left to receive, right to transmit).


Time Link

Time Link Crystal

Time Link crystals are ones with a small, extra face just adjacent to or below the main termination. Unlike a Window formation, which is a diamond shape, a Time Link is the shape of a parallelogram. If this face appears to the left of the main termination (as you look at it) it is a ‘Past Time Link or Left’ Activation; one which provides a subtle energy link to the past, and if it is on the right, it is a ‘Future Time Link or Right Activation’; one which can help us tune in with future events or vibrations. A Past Time Link crystal can also be used to activate the right hand, logical side of the brain, whilst the Future Time Link can be used to activate the left, creative, feminine side of the brain. Hence, these crystals are sometimes known as ‘Activation’ crystals



see Dow



Transformation crystals can be any type of Quartz (Rose, Clear, Amethyst, Citrine) and may or may not possess any other formations, but it is one which changes or transforms sufficiently over a period of time to be acknowledged as a Transformation crystal.  This change may be a subtle one of colour or density and clarity, but not, obviously a change created from being left on a sunny window sill for ages, then becoming pale and sun-bleached!.  For example, if you had a piece of Rose Quartz which was opaque when you bought it, but which subsequently has become translucent, this would be classed as a Transformation crystal.  As far as colour is concerned, it’s usually a deepening of the shade rather than a lightening, as the latter is usually due to fading from prolonged exposure to sunlight, as outlined above.  These crystals can become very personal ‘friends’; ones which we would class as our ‘old faithfuls’. They bear witness to our progress along the spiritual path - as out light quotient increases, this higher frequency energy can be reflected in our crystals. Obviously these crystals cannot be bought, for they evolve with the individual, therefore,  their occurrence is very rare.



Transmitter Quartz

A Transmitter crystal is identified by having a perfect triangular face, flanked by two symmetrical seven-sided faces.  Transmitters do just that; they help us communicate with the Universe - the conscious mind connecting with Universal wisdom in order to attain cosmic truth.  We can use them to help connect with our higher self or that of another person for healing or conflict resolution. To communicate with another person, spirit, angel, archangel, guide or animal totem. Best used whilst meditating, these are amazing crystals for asking carefully phrased questions if you need guidance. Be very specific when asking as the more precise the question, the clearer the answer.


Tantric Twin


Tantric Twin or Soulmate crystals are formations that share one shaft but have two distinct terminations (as opposed to a normal Twin which is two conjoined crystals in parallel). Tantric means 'union of energies' and that is what this crystal does; draws to you your soulmate, unifying your combined energies. The more equal in size the two terminations, the more balanced the relationship will be. It is a common misconception, however, that a soulmate relationship can only be a romantic one. Whilst of course it may be romantic, it can also be platonic - your most trusted and closest friend or spiritual companion. Either way, not only can this crystal formation draw our soulmate to us, it can also teach us the true meaning of a relationship; one where both people share a common soul source, but remain independent of spirit in the union;  maintaining their uniqueness. It teaches us not to collapse ourselves into a relationship so that co-dependent, possessive and other negative, destructive, low vibrational energies take over, which in turn will ultimately destroy the balance, harmony and dynamic of the union.




A Twin crystal is exactly what it says, two conjoined crystals growing parallel alongside each other, but with two, obvious shafts.  Sometimes they are of equal size, others are not. For romantic relationships or those of matters between equals, it would obviously be better to have a Twin crystal with equal size shafts and points.  These are good crystals for directing positive energy at a relationship, whether romantic, platonic or business. See Tantric Twin (Soulmate crystal) above.



Trigonic Quartz

Trigonics are an exquisite, rare type of Quartz with many small triangular markings on their faces. They often have wave like markings along the shaft and some have key portals and Starbrary markings too. To the uninitiated, simply reading about Trigonics, you could get confused with Record Keeper Quartz, however they are completely different in every way, but most notably in their energy. They have a very high vibration and each is linked energetically to the others; regardless of how far apart they are, so any channeled information received from one can be accessed by the others. Trigonic connection can help take us ‘home’; to reconnect with the Source, whilst keeping us safely anchored in our Higher Self. They are superb for soul retrieval work and help raise our consciousness at a rapid rate, but only if we are truly ready and have thoroughly prepared for such an increase in awareness and energy frequency. They are also excellent detoxifiers for advancer lightworkers.
    Not much has been written about Trigonics yet, but some of the most respected and expert crystal healers around the world have spent time working with them; channeling information about their purpose. Judy Hall has written an article about her experience of Trigonic crystals, including channeled information received during four workshops. This very detailed article can be found in our online Library, available to read or download as a Fact Sheet. We have two other Fact Sheets available on Trigonic Quartz; both of which can also be found in our Library.




Warrior Crystal

Warriors are not naturally formed crystals, but rather the name given to those that have been damaged, either in their journey to reach us or during the mining process. Their name reflects a side in most of us; the warrior who has had to fight (although not literally) injustice, jealousy, negativity or any of the other low, 3rd dimensional vibrations. These crystals promote understanding, kindness and empathy, and help us to see beyond the physical; to appreciate and connect with the beauty within in all things. They help open the Heart Chakra and resonate with both the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras. Warriors have a stabilising effect and have an ancient, solid feel to them.
    They are said to be of help to those affected by physical scarring. They work on a subtle level to help heal the emotional scars that often accompany physical trauma to the body. They help those affected to realise that scars are a physical record of their journey. Whilst these scars will travel with us and we may dislike the constant reminder of what has happened, they don’t control us or dictate our direction or destination in life. Warriors also foster strength, courage and acceptance. It’s not a case of selling a broken crystal and simply saying, ‘it’s a Warrior’, as you can feel the subtle difference between a straightforward neglected crystal and a genuine Warrior when you look at or handle it.



Window formation

A Window crystal is one with a diamond shaped ‘window’ in the centre front of the crystal. The top of the diamond will connect with the line leading directly to the tip of the termination. The side points of the diamond will connect with the angles forming the opposing faces. The bottom point will connect with a line leading down the shaft to the base of the crystal.  These unusual crystals provide a window in to other worlds; to the higher realms where we can attain insight and knowledge, but by bypassing the ego we ensure we receive a complete truth, not our brain’s interpretation of the truth.  A Window may be present on any type of quartz and if you find yourself possessing such a crystal, try sitting quietly with it, gently rubbing your finger over the diamond shape, or hold the window section against your Brow or Third Eye Chakra and see what images appear in your mind’s eye.


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The Twelve Master Crystal Formations
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Earthkeeper Crystal

Devic Crystal

(left) Master Crystal Formation #6 -
Devic Crystal with fairy still in residence
(far left) Devic Crystal with frost like,
veil inclusions

Devic Crystal
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