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What Are They Used For and How Do They Work?

Our Reiki/Energy Boards may be used as an aid for distance healing, affirmations, to positively energise a situation or project, or to help create a personal sense of balance and well-being.  They are a super working tool, handcrafted by healers and once cleansed and programmed, they stay charged with positive healing energy for days.  

By setting crystals in a geometric pattern, as shown on the board, it amplifies the energy to a greater level than that of the actual number of crystals - making them an extremely effective way of focusing and directing energy. Their unique design incorporates elements of Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids, Five Element Theory, Crystal and Colour Healing.

Why Are They Called ‘Reiki / Energy Boards’ and Can Anyone Use Them?

The original founder of Patinkas was a Reiki Master, Sensai and crystal healer. She initially developed these boards for use in her personal healing work; utilising the energy of  Reiki to charge and cleanse the crystals and to direct healing, but as with all types of healing or ‘energy’ work, she recognised that the intent and integrity of a request was paramount. Therefore, you do not need to have undergone any kind of formal training, attunement, or initiation to be able to use one - pure intent and a desire to work with the wonderful energy of crystals is all that is required; hence, ‘Reiki / Energy Boards’.

What’s Included in the Package?

They come complete with a Clear Quartz pyramid which sits at the centre of the board, a starter pack of different coloured Healing Request Cards and with a choice of crystal wand for charging the board.  They also come with comprehensive instructions and guidance for setting up the board, including how to cleanse and charge the crystals, different uses for the board and a sample affirmation.

Exclusive to Patinkas

Reiki board

Each board features six hand-picked, natural (unpolished) Clear Quartz crystals, which are fixed to the board and finished with silver-plated wire. 

Set between these crystals are six chakra cabochons set in 925 sterling silver bezels (the seventh chakra being represented by the Clear Quartz pyramid, which is positioned at the centre of the board) on the mirror 

Chakra stones:- Root: Hematite, Sacral: Carnelian, Solar Plexus: Tiger Eye, Heart: Rose Quartz, Throat: Blue Lace Agate and Third Eye: Amethyst.

The Clear Quartz Pyramid, representing the Crown chakra, is placed at the centre of the board on a hexagonal mirror.  The mirror acts to amplify the energy of  the pyramid thus intensifying the power of your healing requests.

Reiki / Energy Board
Clear Quartz pyramid
Reiki board crystal
Reiki / Energy Board - exclusive to Patinkas

Each board comes complete with a starter pack of 20 x Healing Request Cards - coloured postcards for you to write your affirmations or healing requests on.  You will receive five cards of each colour: pink (for relationships), yellow (for mental clarity and balance - good for work projects), blue (for healing) and green (for financial matters).

After writing your request or affirmation on one of the cards, place it face up on top of the mirror in the centre of the board, then position your Clear Quartz pyramid on top of the card.

You have a choice of three different styles of Quality 1, Clear Quartz wands for your board: Traditional: polished with round bottom, Standing: polished with flat bottom or Double Terminated: polished with two points- see pictures below.

This is an exclusive item you will not find anywhere else; designed and produced in the UK by Patinkas.

Reiki charging

Clear Quartz Pyramid

Charging the board with the wand

Detail of Clear Quartz point

Detail of Clear Quartz point and chakra cabochons

Detail showing position of Healing Request Card on board

pink line11

Included in the package:

Reiki board Clear Quartz pyramid and mirror

Detail showing Clear Quartz pyramid on mirror

pink line11
Traditional round bottom wand
Standing wand
Double terminated wand

Traditional Wand - Quality 1 Clear Quartz, polished wand with a faceted tip and rounded base

Standing Wand - Quality 1 Clear Quartz, polished wand with faceted tip and flat base

Double Terminated Wand - Quality 1 Clear Quartz, polished, double terminated wand

Clear Quartz Wands - choose from . . .

Reiki / Energy Board

Exclusive to Patinkas


Included in the package: 1 x wooden Reiki / Energy Board (with 6 x wired crystals, 1 x mirror and chakra cabochons), 1 x Clear Quartz Wand, 1 x Clear Quartz Pyramid, Set of 20 x Healing Request Cards (5 of each colour) plus guide & instructions for use.

These boards are handmade by healers and each is individually cleansed and blessed before being despatched to you.  Due to the unique properties of crystals, each may differ slightly in appearance from the ones shown on this page, but all will be of equal quality. 

UK MAINLAND DELIVERY: This item will be sent via Special Delivery (insured & tracked) on a next-day* service at a cost of £6.00.  This service requires a signature on delivery. *delivery is the next day after date of despatch. Packed weight: 0.957kg

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY: For international shipping costs, please contact us and we will supply you with a quote for delivery to your country. Thank you



UK P&P*:




My Choice of Wand:

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Reiki / Energy board
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Healing for the New Age

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Reiki Stones©

Reiki Stones© Series
Beautiful boxed sets of crystals engraved with the sacred Reiki healing symbols. Level II and Master sets available. Choose from Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz or Amethyst (see image far right)
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 Exclusive to Patinkas

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Also available
Reiki Stones© Series
& Karuna Reiki Stones©

Karuna Reiki Stones©

Karuna Reiki Stones©
Set of 11 exquisite Rose Quartz crystals bearing the Karuna Reiki healing symbols; engraved and accented in gold leaf. Boxed set with travel pouch
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Exclusive to Patinkas

Karuna Reiki Stones
Karuna Reiki Stones©
Reiki Stones© - crystals for Reiki

*Postage price shown above applies to UK Mainland deliveries only. For all other areas, including international delivery, please contact us for shipping costs.

Reiki / Energy Boards: made exclusively in the UK for PatinkasMade in the UK Exclusively for Patinkas

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Other Exclusive Reiki Healing Crystals from Patinkas . . .

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Please respect the traditions of Reiki

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