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Reiki Principles: Just for today, do not anger

We honour and respect the traditions of Reiki, and as such have blurred out the sacred symbols where they appear in the photos.  We respectfully ask that you honour these traditions also, and only view the unedited pictures if you’re Level II or above. With love & light, the Patinkas Team

History of Reiki Stones©
We came across these beautiful Quartz Reiki Stones some years ago and started using them to assist us in our healing work.  We  found them to be so effective that we decided to offer them for sale in our online store, so that others may benefit from not only their beautiful energy, but also from their ability to carry the Reiki healing vibration so purely and effectively. We found also that they made the perfect companion to our Reiki/Energy Boards.  We have three types available: Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz

The crystals are freeform palm stones; each chosen individually for their clarity and energy (all three types are of the best quality), and they are as evenly matched in size as possible.  Next they are engraved with the sacred Reiki Symbols as taught by Dr Mikao Usui, then they are embellished with gold.  Gold carries the Master Healing Energy which both resonates with, and transmits the Golden Ray; the highest light vibration the physical body can receive. The Golden Ray can be used to invoke healing on all levels - physical and subtle - for any disorder or dis-ease; making it the perfect companion to Reiki healing energy.  When the Stones arrive with us we cleanse and bless them once again to clear them of any energy they may have picked up on their journey to us; recharging each individual stone with their specific Reiki symbol. Finally, we put them in lovely felt-lined, wooden presentation boxes.  Each set comes complete with a carrying pouch (holds one stone) and information sheet.

Reiki Principles: Just for today, do not worry

Use of the Reiki Stones©
Each of the Reiki symbols has a different use (or purpose) and meaning, and carries their own unique energy and vibrational pattern of healing.  By placing the symbol onto a piece of Quartz (for example Amethyst or Rose Quartz) these healing vibrations are then amplified and stored within the stone.   We have found that once cleansed and activated with Reiki, the stones stay charged with the energy of the individual symbol for many days.  These stones can be used on yourself, placed in your home or work environment, or alternatively can be placed onto the person you are giving Reiki to, or given to them to hold during a healing session (this is where the pouch comes in useful as it ‘masks’ the sacred symbol from someone not attuned to Reiki Level II or above).  You can also use the Distance Symbol stone to place on a photograph of a person or animal you are sending Reiki to.  At Patinkas, we have one of our Reiki / Energy Healing boards dedicated to, and associated with all aspects of our work; from client requests for healing to asking for assistance in a particular venture or project, and we regularly use the Reiki Stones to support this process. We have found that using the crystals in the ways above, both amplifies the Reiki energy and prolongs the healing process; owing almost certainly to the properties of Quartz which is in itself, a superb healing conduit.  Furthermore, they are lovely to hold (any or all of them) when reciting the daily Gokai; the Five Principles, Precepts or Ideals of Reiki.  We recommend that they be cleansed regularly, asking that any negative or low vibrations be safely removed, but that the accumulated Reiki energy stay with the stone.

Reiki Principles: Just for today, be grateful

Quartz Crystals and Reiki Healing
Crystals have long been associated with Reiki and of them all, Quartz is the most versatile.  Quartz has six basic properties or purposes in healing.  It can Structure, Store, Amplify, Focus, Transmit and Transform energy on every level. This is why it is the perfect medium for Reiki healing work. Quartz is also the only truly ‘programmable’ stone known to man, which is another reason it can store, amplify and transmit the Reiki vibration so purely and effectively.

These crystals are also excellent to use as an aid to meditation.  The Reiki symbols have very powerful properties and the ability to transform not only specific diseases or mental attitudes, but also to transform our whole subtle light body so that it can maintain a far higher degree of pure white Universal healing light; the very essence of Reiki itself.  So when looking for the deeper meaning of the sacred symbols or for a deeper connection to their energy, meditating with one of these stones can prove to be quite literally, enlightening.

Reiki Principle: Just for today, work hard

Reiki Master Symbol Stone
For masters not wishing to buy a complete set of four Reiki Stones©, we also have the Reiki Master symbol stone available on its own.  It comes complete with a pouch and information sheet.

Choice of Crystal
We have a choice of three different Quartz crystal types: Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz.  Each has its own individual metaphysical properties. To read more about these properties, click on a crystal name underlined above to read a description in our online A to Z Online Guide to Crystals (links open in a new page).  All stones are highly polished and translucent, with beautiful inclusions you often find in Quartz crystals.  All are A-Grade quality - the Amethyst are a mid to pale violet, the Rose Quartz a beautiful soft, baby pink and the Clear Quartz are beautifully clear with super inclusions.  All stones are from Brazil.

Also Available:
Reiki / Energy Boards
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Karuna Reiki Stones©

We also have the
Reiki Master Symbol
stone available separately
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Reiki Stones close up photo

Above: Set of the Reiki Stones© in Clear Quartz, showing the beautiful inclusions and clarity of the crystals.  To see an enlarged, unedited photo showing the symbols, click on the picture above.

Reiki Stones© Presentation/Storage Box
Reiki Stones© Presentation/Storage Box - inner lid

Above: Reiki Stones© Wooden Presentation/Safekeeping Box
(box style may vary but will always be of equivalent quality)

Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz

Dr Mikao Usui

Having problems viewing the unedited pictures?
Click here to send us an email, putting ‘Reiki Stones’ in the ’Your Message’ box, and we will email you a set of unedited photos

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Click to view unedited picture
Click to view unedited picture
Click to view unedited picture

Please respect the traditions of Reiki

Please respect the traditions of Reiki

Please respect the traditions of Reiki

Why are the symbols kept hidden?
Reiki was originally an oral tradition, passed on from Sensai (Teacher) to student verbally. No physical drawing of symbols was permitted or even, some say, notes allowed to be taken.  They are not, however, secret, magical symbols (two can actually be found  in the Japanese alphabet), and being a Reiki Practitioner,  Master or Sensai is not a ‘club’ which keeps the unattuned or uninitiated out. It is purely a matter of respecting and honouring the traditions and teaching practices of Reiki. Any internet search will return thousands of pages showing these symbols, with many commercial items (like jewellery pieces) having them emblazoned on for all to see. We, however, choose to respect both the symbols and traditions of Reiki healing.

Choice of Crystal:

Choice of Crystal:

Choice of Crystal:

Reiki Stones© Boxed Set


Set of three beautiful Reiki crystals bearing the sacred Usui symbols, presented in a felt-lined, wooden box plus small pouch and information sheet.


Ref: ReikiSto II

Reiki Stones© Boxed Set + Master Crystal


Set of four beautiful Reiki crystals (including the Master Symbol stone) bearing the sacred Usui symbols, presented in a felt-lined, wooden box, plus small pouch and information sheets.


Ref: ReikiStoMasterSet

Reiki Stones© Master Crystal

Reiki Stones© Usui Master Symbol crystal, plus pouch and information sheet (this item is unboxed).

Available in A-Grade Amethyst only.


Ref: ReikiMasterCrystal

Component Sizes: (mm & in) box & pouch may vary from those shown

Wooden Presentation Box

W215 x D65 x H45mm

W8.5” x D2.5” x H1.7”

Reiki Stones (average size)*

H40mm x W35mm

1 5/8” x 1 3/8”


H63mm x W50mm

2 1/2” x 2”

* due to the unique nature of crystals, each will differ from the next, so sizes given are an average

Reiki / Energy Board

Also available
Reiki/Energy Boards

the Crystal Grid of Light
click here to view
Exclusive to Patinkas

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Reiki Healing Crystals for a New Age

Reiki Principle: Just for today, be kind to others

Place cursor over pic to see unedited image

Below: inside lid of the Reiki Stones© Box - to see an unedited photo with the symbols, please click on the photo below. Pop-Ups must be enabled. (box style may vary but will always be of equivalent quality)

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