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Take a few moments to read this page if you are considering ordering a personal astrological chart
    General info on astrology and advice for ordering astrological charts plus tips and hints for online or mail ordering

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Astrology Tips and Hints when ordering you chart online

‘We want your first experience with astrology
to be your best one’.

What’s Inside an Astrological Chart?
+ What You Need to Know Before Ordering a Chart

What’s Inside an Astrological Chart?
A Natal or Birth chart, drawn by a skilled professional astrologer, can provide fascinating and sometimes even life changing insights to your life, loves, friendships, finance, career and personality. ‘Light bulb moments’ as we like to refer to them, are often reported; the light finally switching on as to why an individual behaves or reacts in a certain way, leading to a deeper understanding of, and ultimately complete acceptance of, the self.  A Natal chart also establishes any unexplored potential you may have which could lead to much more fulfilment in your life.

‘Astrology celebrates the uniqueness in each of us’.

What Can Astrology Do For Me?
An astrological interpretation is a unique blueprint for and guide to your life, which identifies your strengths and predispositions based on the date, time, year and place of your birth. It is not predictive in the traditional sense but what it can do is to forecast trends – the best times to pursue career, relationship or personal goals to your best advantage.  By recognizing and working with these trends, you can learn to utilize your resources wisely and to maximum effect, whether it’s your money, time or energy.  This is achieved by highlighting forthcoming ups and downs so you can learn when to push on with a project or situation and when to retreat. 
    Understanding your chart can help you to accept the difficult and challenging times in life and to see them as transient; to see why some romantic relationships haven’t worked out or why your career is in the doldrums.  In addition it can help you to recognize your responses to people and situations on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; to see how your relationship with your parents has affected you and how your relationship toward your children affects them. 

‘a wonderful transformative tool for growth,
peace and personal happiness’.

What You Need to Know Before Ordering a Chart
Beware: Computer-Generated Astrological Charts.  Spiritual and New Age magazines are full of advertisements for ‘Personal Astrological Charts’; sent out the same day you order, compiled and personalised merely because it has your name and details printed on it.  Invariably these are simply computer-generated reports –the only involvement of the astrologer being to enter your personal details.  Whilst this kind of service is fast, cheap and may have a degree of relevance and be considered a bit of fun, it can also be disappointing, imprecise and possibly even misleading.

The Proper Use of Computers in Astrology
There is a place for computers in astrology, however, and whilst a computer program should never take the place of a professional astrologer, using one to work out the many hundreds of calculations involved (taking seconds instead of hours) is, nowadays, considered essential by most professionals.

Traditional Training
Having first been trained to cast - or draw up - a chart in the traditional way, i.e. to be able to produce a chart manually using only an ephemeris, using a computer thereafter is an acceptable and efficient way for a professional astrologer to produce the calculations.
    Undertaking manual calculations can be prone to errors – even with the most conscientious and attentive of astrologers – and is also extremely time-consuming.  Therefore, employing the use of a computer to work out the calculations ensures accuracy and gives the astrologer far more time for the all important task of interpreting your chart. 

astro’logy n. Art of judging reputed esoteric influence
of stars, planets etc, on human affairs

What is Astrology – Science, Mathematics or Intuition?
Whilst some think of astrology as more science or mathematics than an intuitive subject, it is actually a mixture of all three.  Historically, the term mathematicus was used to denote a person proficient in astrology, astronomy, and mathematics.  However, whilst the way of obtaining the information (the calculations) is mathematical and scientific, little changed for thousands of years, the explanation (the interpretation) is based on the relationship of the planets in the twelve houses plus a gradually developing intuitive insight into the personality of the client. – in much the same way as when you have a tarot or angel card reading; each card has a specific meaning but the reader uses their intuitive skills to interpret its significance.
    If you talk to a professional astrologer they will almost certainly agree that intuition does play a part when working on a client’s chart.  Whilst working through the many calculations in order to provide an interpretation, they ‘tune-in’ to their client, gaining additional insights and pointers to underlying matters, which a computer simply, cannot do.

Avoid Disappointment! Ask First
Therefore, if you’d like to have a professional chart drawn up, in order to avoid disappointment, first check with any prospective astrologer their method of producing your chart, because we want your first experience with astrology to be your best one.

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