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Pyramid Power Chakra Wand

Stunning Clear Quartz Pyramid Power Chakra Wand set in sterling silver and finished with semi-precious cabochon gemstones.

At between 3 and 3.25in in length, these are the perfect size portable, crystal healing wand (price is for one wand).

Their construction is in two main parts; the Clear Quartz pyramid top; which draws in Universal heling energy though its tip into the second part, the Clear Quartz shaft. This energy gathers speed as it spirals down from the pyramid through the faceted shaft, increasing in power each time it his a facet. The energy is finally released out through the tip in a focused beam. 

The macroscopic (large crystal) types of Quartz have six principle properties. They can structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy on every level. This is reflected in some of the different formations found such as channeller crystals, transformation crystals, double terminated crystals, laser crystals and so on. Clear Quartz, however, is the only truly ‘programmable’ crystal known to man. This means that you can get a piece of Clear Quartz to ‘take on’ the attributes of virtually any other crystal. If you had a bed of this amazing and versatile crystal, and placed a piece of Amethyst on it for a period of time, it would start to pick up the energies of the Amethyst! This does not, however, produce a permanent change. You can also programme and dedicate pieces for chosen healing missions. For example, a healer or therapist could send a client home with a piece, programmed to continue the healing process started during the treatment session. Each week or fortnight, when they return, it can be cleansed and re-programmed.
The clearer the piece, the more masculine (Yang) energy it has. This type also tends to have stronger, faster acting energy. The milkier specimens are more feminine (Yin) in energy and are better suited to long-term or chronic conditions.
Clear Quartz is superb for cleansing, activating and charging all Chakras, and can be used to draw out pain from the physical body. It is a crystal healing essential, often accounting for the major part of any crystal healing grid or layout.

These are beautifully construced wands set with 925 sterling silver and adorned with semi-precious gemstones set in sterling silver bezels. The stones included Amethyst (two cabochons), Iolite, Moonstone, Carnelian, Peridot and Citrine.

We were so taken with these gorgeous wands we purchased six of them. As with all handcrafted items, each will differ slightly from the next, as will the inclusions in the Quartz. All are, however, crafted out of the best, Quality One Quartz.

Approximate size: Length: 3-3.25in (76-80mm), Wdith at widest point (Across base of pyramid): 3/4in (20mm)


Ref: WandPyrChak

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