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Golden Sheen Obsidian

Stunning, iridescent Golden Sheen Obsidian wand from Mexico.

Obsidian is essentially a naturally occurring form of glass, created by volcanic lava which has cooled rapidly before any crystal structure could form. Because of this lack of crystal structure it is possible to cut or chip Obsidian into very thin, sharp layers. This is why it was a favoured medium used by ancient civilizations for the production of arrowheads. Obsidian is comprised of more then 70% Silicon Dioxide, but due to its lack of crystalline structure, it cannot be classified as a true mineral. 

It usually occurs in dark colours; brown, green and more commonly black, and these colours occur depending on the impurities they contain like iron or magnesium. Rainbow and Sheen Obsidian are particularly beautiful varieties. The iridescence in these two comes from tiny gas bubbles which were trapped inside the moving lava flow along layers before it cooled.

Sheen Obsidian is most noted for its ability to bring a little levity to a situation; it brings love and light where there is darkness, uplifting our spirits and therefore our energy; promoting joy and happiness.  Using or wearing a piece can encourage us to have a little more fun; to lighten up, and it has been referred to as the Stone of Pleasure. The Silver or Golden Sheen types especially can be used for scrying (particularly for romantic relationship matters) and are also said to promote clairvoyance. As with the other Obsidians these are super grounding, protective Root or Base Chakra stones.

Wands with a terminated end and a rounded base like this one, can be used in several ways. The terminated end can be used to focus energy toward a person, place or object (also over distance) whilst the rounded end can be used directly on the body at the acupressure points.  The terminated end can also be used to draw out unwanted or negative energy from the body, making this wand a very useful, combination crystal healing tool.

Approximate size: L132mm x W20mm (5¼in x ¾in)


Ref: GSObsidWand

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