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Unlike our Western culture, where New Year’s day always starts on 1 January, the Chinese New Year falls on the second New Moon following the Winter Solstice.  This being so, the Chinese New Year for 2006 starts on 29 January and is The Year of the Dog.

The Chinese lunar calendar dates back to Emperor Huang Ti with the first cycle starting in 2637 BC.  Each of the 12 years which make up the cycle is named after an animal, and each animal sign is further divided into 5 elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  Whilst, therefore, each year is attributed to one of the 12 animals, further emphasis is placed on the specific element of that year, eg Water Dog, Wood Dog, or in the case of 2006 the Fire Dog.  Thus, a complete cycle of 60 lunar years consists of 5 (one for each element) twelve year cycles.  Our current 60 year cycle started on 2 February 1984.

Legends vary as to how each year was allocated to one of the 12 animals.  Some say that the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to bid him farewell before he left this Earth.  Twelve animals responded and each had a year named after him, the first being the Rat, the second the Ox and so on until the Pig, which completed the 12 year cycle.

Chinese Astrology is a complex subject, taking into account many factors which make it too involved to go into in any depth in a brief synopsis such as this.  However, below are some of the positive and negative traits to be found in each of the 12 animals, together with a brief overview of the year ahead.

We at Patinkas wish you the happiest and most contented Chinese New Year.

Positive: Attractive, compassionate, dynamic, loving, talented, entrepreneurial, charming, sensual, prosperous

Negative: Talkative, aggressive, possessive, fickle, bossy, mean, argumentative,opinionated

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In Chinese Astrology it is said that the animal which rules your year of birth will affect your life deeply, hence the saying ‘This is the animal that hides in your heart’

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Positive: Patient, deep thinking, confident, skilful, industrious, authoritative, eloquent

Negative: Prejudice, chauvinism, criticism, bigotry, bad-tempered, pride, tyranny, pettiness

Positive: Independent, dynamic, honourable, engaging, lovable, industrious, affectionate

Negative: Hot-headed, quarrelsome, caustic, predatory, rebellious, disobedient

Positive: Home-loving, discreet, suave, well-mannered, cultured, ambitious, considerate, scholarly, refined  

Negative: Snobbish, self-indulgent, punctilious, hypochondriacal, judgmental, self-indulgent

Positive: Charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, noble-hearted, shrewd, sentimental

Negative: Bombastic, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, defensive, egocentric

Positive: Amusing, sexy, diplomatic, honourable, fun-loving, charitable, intuitive, discreet, sympathetic 

Negative: Self-righteous, conniving, mendacious, pessimistic, haughty

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Positive: Talented, generous, sociable, enthusiastic, sexy, curious, persuasive, logical, affectionate

Negative: Defiant, condescending, obtuse, self-serving, moody, opportunistic

Positive: Appealing, creative, empathetic, intuitive gentle, romantic, sensitive, candid, generous 

Negative: Self-pitying, pessimistic, parasitic, lazy, indecisive, capricious, violent

Positive: Successful, inventive, loving, co-operative, intelligent, individualistic, generous, faithful, clever, candid   

Negative: Lazy, indecisive, insecure, gullible, hyper-emotional, indifferent, self-indulgent, careless

Positive: Gregarious, communicative, astute, brave, generous, charming, ebullient, witty  

Negative: Cranky, fussy, vain, pretentious, materialistic, quixotic, egotistical

Positive: Attentive, warm-hearted, modest, devotde, dutiful, philosophical, intelligent, discreet, enthusiastic 

Negative: Mean-spirited, disagreeable, bad- tempered, judgemental, self- righteous

Positive: Sensible, sensual, sweetly naļve, caring, amusing, charitable, hospitable, helpful

Negative: Hot-tempered, pessimistic, snobbish, opinionated, victimised, authoritarian

RAT  A year of good fortune but not without its problems which can be resolved with diligence.  Work will be busy and progressive with a strong possibility of increasing income.  A very busy year when it would be good to set time aside for family and relaxation.  Apart from April, the second half of the year will provide the best prospects, but overall a satisfying year, particularly where work is concerned.

OX  A busy and very satisfying year for the Ox, containing memorable and personally happy times.  Oxen thinking of changing their jobs will need to be tenacious in their search for the right position.  Spring and Autumn will be the best time for career development.  Finances need to be treated with care, particularly if planning any major spending projects, ie home improvements.  The year will hold interesting prospects with opportunities to travel, socialize and have fun with loved ones.

TIGER  The outlook is promising for the Tiger in all areas of his life this year.  Opportunities will arise at work and home life will be rewarding.  Finances are under generally favourable aspects and socializing will be much on the agenda with the possibility of his social circle widening.  Those who have felt somewhat lonely or have felt restricted  will welcome a more fulfilling time.  Romantically this can be a year to remember. Should any problems arise – particularly on the domestic scene – be decisive but remember to co-operate with others.

RABBIT  This year holds very encouraging prospects for the Rabbit, particularly in relation to career.  Personal interests will be very satisfying, social and domestic life will be active with fun times in store.  Some Rabbits will decide to move this year and despite the hard work involved the outcome will be very good.  There is a strong possibility of unattached Rabbits finding that special someone, becoming engaged or marrying.  There is also the possibility of a celebration in the family, a wedding, addition to the family, good fortune in the career or some other major event.  This will be especially important to the Rabbit giving him a feeling of deep satisfaction and happiness.

DRAGON  A mixed year for the Dragon which, nonetheless, with a little care will prove to be a constructive and progressive time.  The Dragon should ensure he makes the most of any opportunities which come his way at work, or chances to learn new skills.  Any progress in this respect could arise through contacts with friends or acquaintances.  Not a year to take risks with finances and before entering into any commitment or enterprise, checking the small print is a must.  Travel is well aspected.  With a busy lifestyle, the Dragon should make time for himself and his wellbeing.  Socially the year will be good.  In his domestic life, the Dragon needs to communicate carefully or give sufficient time to family and home to avoid disagreements.  It is important to involve loved ones and a family holiday together is advisableThe Dog Year lays the foundations for a very promising and successful Pig Year to come.

SNAKE  The Dog Year holds considerable potential for the Snake and excellent progress can be made.  Not a year to be timid, the Snake must put himself forward, remain active and believe in his abilities.  Work is promising with excellent opportunities for the Snake to improve his skills.  Success and recognition will come to those who have been working on a particular project for a long time.  Finance is well aspected, as is travel.  Family will be very supportive and there may well be developments which give rise to celebration.  Social life must not suffer because the Snake is working too hard.  It is important to allow time for fun.  This year holds the potential to be very successful for the Snake making it a personally rewarding time.

HORSE  A year of considerable opportunity for the Horse, requiring him to work with others, and not be too self-willed or independent.  Work offers excellent chances to progress and here again, co-operation is the key word.  Effort and talent will be rewarded.  Finances will need careful handling.  Some Horses will move this year which might give rise to doubts as to whether it is the right thing to do.  However, by the end of the year those who have taken this path will be delighted with the outcome.  Romance is good for unattached Horses with engagements or marriage on the cards.  The year can be very good for the Horse, but the key to success is always to work in conjunction with and a spirit of co-operation with others.  Do this and a great deal can be achieved.

RAM  A variable year for the Ram – a time when he should not take certain situations too personally.   On a positive note, he will learn much which will bring enormous success in the years to come.  Ram wishing to change their jobs should look for openings which draw on their experience and should prepare thoroughly prior to interview.  Perseverance is needed but what is achieved is important in the long run.  Finances need care.  Social life is very good with happy and lively occasions in store.  Although a somewhat tricky year, there is much opportunity to strengthen his character which will pave the way for the success waiting next year, the Year of the Pig.

MONKEY  Domestic and social life will bring much pleasure this year.  Work prospects are very promising. There does need to be a certain degree of caution in general and wherever possible the Monkey should avoid taking risks.  Finances need care, speculation should be avoided and all paperwork in connection with finances should be checked very carefully. Despite this, the Monkey can use his money well.   Working closely with colleagues rather than being independent is important.  Keeping informed of new developments would be wise this year and there will be good opportunities in the field of work.  Personal development is highlighted.  The home and domestic scene is under very good aspects and there may well be home improvements or acquisitions which will give much pleasure.  Overall the year will keep the Monkey on his toes, but he will make important progress and good times with family and loved ones are certain to give both fun and security.

ROOSTER  With care and being aware, the Dog Year will be reasonable for the Rooster.  In his career the workload may be particularly heavy with complex matters to deal with so the Rooster should avoid dropping his standards.   Budgeting would be advisable this year, avoiding rushing into expensive purchases or agreements.  Any documentation concerning finances needs careful scrutiny.  Personal interests and developing new skills are under good influences.  Travel is well aspected.  On the domestic scene, any major projects planned should be organized well in advance with flexibility regarding the timetable.  Socially the Rooster will be in demand but should take care not to be too indiscreet  either in his actions or with what he says.  A busy year for the Rooster with much activity.  The main thing to bear in mind is the need to be careful and stay mindful of others and their needs.  Do this and the long-term benefits will be considerable.

DOG  Excellent prospects for the Dog – this is his year.  Events at work are particularly encouraging, promotion being a distinct possibility as is a raise in salary.  Should you feel you would like to change jobs this too will be successful.  Don’t be discouraged by any rejection, this could be a blessing in disguise.  Travel is definitely on the cards, particularly in the second half of the year when any journey will lead to memorable times.  Home life will be busy with the possibility of substantial home improvements or even a move.  There will be support from loved ones over the year, but the Dog does need to discuss his ideas or any concerns he might have.  In his social life the Dog will meet new people and make new friends.  Romantically, this is a splendid time for the Dog.  The year holds enormous potential but to make the most of his opportunities the Dog will need to be proactive, this is not a time for holding back.  There is so much to gain this year – for the Dog it is one of the best.

PIG  If remaining in his current job, learning new skills and increasing his knowledge would prove beneficial for the Pig.  There will also be opportunities for him to widen his activities in his present post.  If looking to change jobs determination and persistence is required.  If turned down for a post the Pig should make efforts to find out why.  Whatever the reason, the Pig should learn from any mistakes and this will be invaluable to him in the long run.  Financially this is overall a good year with the chance of financial good fortune at some point.  Domestic and social life will give much pleasure with many happy times.  The Pig must make time for himself and if he feels strained he should discuss this with others.  Romance is well aspected with a good chance of meeting someone special.  A gentle year for the Pig setting the foundations for much success in 2007 – his own year.

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