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Elestial Lightkeeper


Gorgeous Elestial Lightkeeper (also known as Fenster or Skeletal Quartz)

This particular formation reflects light like no other crystal, and they are often filled with rainbows. Each way you turn them in your hand you see light dancing inside of them, and at first glance their shape resembles that of both Herkimer ‘Diamonds’ and Elestial crystals, giving rise to their metaphysical name, ‘Elestial Lightkeepers’. 

Unfortunately, the photograph does not do this specimen justice.  It has not captured any of the little light-bearing rainbows nor the way it radiates light.  This crystal has a lovely main termination and some fascinating surface markings - just as though it had been etched, plus it has a little Bridge formation crystal, which can be seen on the right in the photo.

Elestial Lightkeepers have a high vibration and act as gateway crystals in accessing and channelling the pure white light of the Universe. They (unsurprisingly) align best with the Third Eye/Brow, Crown and Higher Crown Chakras; assisting with the advancement of spiritual growth.  Where energy may have been seriously depleted they can help restore it, whilst also balancing the subtle and physical bodies.

Their ability to act as gateway crystals can also be used for travel through astral dimensions.  This is best achieved through meditation, and can be of particular use with karmic or past life work.

The real name for this most stunning and light-bearing Quartz formation is Fenster or Skeletal Quartz.  It is a fascinating crystal with a unique formation.  Due to unstable conditions in the Earth when it was forming, there was dissolution in its growth leaving an internal framework like structure, but often without the inside being completely filled by the liquid crystal material. The result is a kind of chambered crystal.

Fenster comes from the German, meaning ‘window’, and that is exactly what it’s like looking at a piece of this Quartz; as though looking through a window into a many chambered room.

They are wondrous and beautiful crystals and are excellent facilitators for energy healing of all kinds, not just crystal healing.

Approximate size: L60mm x W50mm


Ref: ElestLightAA

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