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Opal, White

Genuine Precious White Opal ring set in 925 sterling silver.

There are two main types of Opal; Precious and Common, and Precious Opal is further divided into three primary groups: Black, White and Fire, and they can contain a kaleidoscope of colour. The trademark flashes of colour found in opals is caused by diffraction. Light enters the stone and hits tiny particles of silicon suspended in water. This diffracted light can produce a rainbow of colours.

Each Opal group has slightly differing metaphysical properties, but generally speaking Opals are known as the Stone of Emotional Harmony. It is in essence, a very feminine stone, aligning with the Moon’s gentle vibrations, but an Opal possessing a deep flash of colour is said to also carry the masculine energy of the Sun – Yin and Yang in perfect harmony.  Its main alliance is, however, with the Moon. 

Its gentle energy can bring deep, long buried emotions up to the surface to be recognised, accepted and released.  This process can often begin through our dreams, so if you find yourself being attracted to this most beautiful of stones, pay particular attention to your dreams. Wearing it can also help us understand the higher purpose of change and to attract positive energies to further this process. 

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