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Lovely oval Malacite pendant set in 925 sterling silver.

Malachite, with its trademark bands and swirls, takes it name from the Greek work malache meaning ‘mallow’ which refers to its leaf green colour.  It is thought to be the oldest known green pigment, having been used as a paint or dye for many centuries. 

Its chemical formulation is Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, and it is its high copper content which gives it its gorgeous, vibrant green colour.  It is also this high copper content which gives it its outstanding healing properties – copper being one of the best channellers of healing energies.

Malacite is known as a stone of transformation and whilst it can balance all Chakras, it is perhaps best suited to the Heart Chakra. Working with this stone can help counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies (i.e. always attracting the ‘wrong sort’) and can help encourage true, pure, unconditional love. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity and abundance and is also very protective.  It can provide general protection from negative and destructive dark energies and has been known as a protector of children. It is also said to safeguard people when flying, and as such may be good for those who work in aviation.

It occurs throughout the world from the Congo, Nambia and the Ural mountains in Russia to Mexico, Australia, the south-western United States and even England.  When mined it is quite brittle and powdery, measuring only 3 - 4 on Mohs’ Scale.

Approximate size (not including the bail): H32mm x W18mm


Ref: PMalA

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