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Siberian Tanzanite


Chic, classic and oh so beautiful, Siberian Tanzanite necklace, featuring two faceted peardrop crystals suspended from a rhodium-plated, 925 sterling silver box chain.  The colour of these gems is far, far more vibrant 'in the flesh' - highly recommended.

This is a real Tanzanite crystal which is lab-grown.  Genuine Tanzanite crystals are collected and then grown in controlled conditions in a laboratory.  This process produces completely flawless, pure violet Tanzanite crystals. Despite these crystals being grown in a lab, they still possess the same metaphysical vibrations as natural specimens. ‘Siberian’ in gemology terms, is often applied to gemstones of a flawless nature and of the and highest AAA grade, as with this one; hence the name, 'Siberian Tanzanite'.

This beautiful violet-blue stone takes its name from its source; Tanzania in Africa. Due to its increasing scarcity, it is more often found in small jewellery settings, or as found here, as beautiful pure larger lab-grown specimen.

Metaphysically, these stones are said to be powerful carriers of the Violet Flame, which is governed by Archangel Zadkiel.

Archangel Zadkiel is Master of the 7th Ray - the Violet Flame. The keywords associated with this ray are Freedom, Mercy, Transmutation and Forgiveness - of the self and others.

In the realms of the 7th Ray, alongside Archangel Zadkiel, we have the Ascended Master of the Violet Flame, St Germain.  Just as sunlight passing through a prism splits into seven colours, so spiritual light manifests into seven rays. The energy of the 7th Ray bursts forth and burns like a violet flame, dissipating fear and darkness, inspiring the qualities of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, justice and freedom. It is said that the Violet Flame is the key to resolving and removing all karmic debt, not only for ourselves and others, but also for the planet.

Prolonged use of this stone, whether through regular meditation with a small piece or by wearing the crystal, can clear any blockages which may be present between the 5th, 6th and 7th and higher chakras; thus creating an open channel. It is also said to aid inner vision and psychic abilities. It is best cleansed by moonlight.

Tanzanite in its natural form is a violet-blue gemstone variety of  Zoisite.

This necklace is extendable.

Approximate length (from top of clasp to bottom of drop): 24.5cm extending to 26.5cm

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