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Seeds of Light© Archangel Set


The ultimate in Seeds of Light© healing wands - the Archangel Set

This stunning set comprises four gorgeous handcrafted healing wands from the designer of the famous American healing tools collection, Seeds of Light©.  These wands are created and embued with the energies of the four main Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.  This beautiful set would be a superb asset to any energy healer's work. From left to right the wands are as follows:

Archangel Michael
Master of the 1st Ray - the Blue and White Flame, and his twin flame is Faith.  The keywords associated with this ray are: Protection, Faith, Will of God, Power, Perfection, Motivation, Courage and Direction. Alongside Archangel Michael, we have El Morya, the Ascended Master of the 1st Ray.  Archangel Michael exemplifies the qualities of the Blue Ray; leadership, correct use of personal power and of thought and speech, and stands for manifestation of God's love here on the earth plane.  He also provides spiritual and physical protection. The 'Archangel Michael' wand has been handcrafted using the best quality crystals; Lapis which is a stone that protects from both physical and psychic attacks, enhancing awareness, promoting will power and encourages kindness and helpfulness.  It helps the individual to rule over personal spiritual kingdom. Sodalite brings inner peace and stimulates endurance, and lastly, Pearl which brings purity and promotes faith, charity, integrity, truth and loyalty. 

Archangel Gabriel
Master of the 4th Ray - the White Flame (also known as the Ascension Flame), and his twin flame is Archeia Hope.  The keywords associated with this ray are: Purity, Harmony, Joy, Discipline, Renewal, New Beginnings, Spiritual Guidance and Hope.  Alongside Archangel Gabriel, we have Serapis Bey, the Ascended Master of the 4th Ray.  Archangel Gabriel exemplifies the qualities of the White Ray; purity of mind, body & spirit, hope, unity with divine consciousness and cosmic lightbearing. Working with his energies can also assist with Kundalini rising and Ascension work.  The 'Archangel Gabriel' wand has been handcrafted with the best quality crystals; Moonstone which enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings and brings success in love and business matters, and Pearl which brings purity and promotes faith, charity, integrity, truth and loyality.

Archangel Uriel
Master of the 6th Ray - the Purple and Gold Flame, and his twin flame is Aurora.  The keywords associated with this ray are: Service, Peace, Brotherhood, Family and the Divine Defeat of Evil.  Alongside Archangel Uriel, we have Lady Nada, the Ascended Master of the 6th Ray. Archangel Uriel exemplifies the qualities of the Purple and Gold Ray; peace, piety, brotherhood and divine love. His energies can help soothe friction replacing it with understanding, harmony and enlightenment, and they can also assist us in our desire for spiritual unity through service.  The 'Archangel Uriel' wand has been handcrafted with the best quality crystals; Amethyst symbolizing piety, humility, spiritual wisdom and sincerity. Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone connecting heaven and earth, and Citrine which increases self-esteem, protects from negative energy, opens the mind to new thoughts and promotes clarity of thought.

Archangel Raphael
Master of the 5th Ray - the Emerald Green Flame, and his twin flame is Mary, Mother of Christ.  The keywords associated with this ray are: Healing, Wholeness, Vision, Truth, Rhythm and Abundance on Earth. Alongside Archangel Raphael, we have Hilarion , the Ascended Master of the 5th Ray.  Archangel Raphael exemplifies the qualities of the Emerald Green Ray; he was charged with being God's healer - healing of all kinds - earth healing, self healing and healing of mankind as a whole.  His energies promote truth in all thoughts, deeds and actions, and the desire to manifest abundance for all, so banishing desire, need and impoverished states of mind, body and spirit.  The 'Archangel Raphael' wand has been handcrafted with the best quality crystals; Aventurine - the healer's stone which calms and stabilizes the heart chakra, Emerald for great harmony, wisdom and love, and which also allows us to 'know by heart' what is right and true and transmits healing and patience, and lastly Prehinite, a stone of unconditional love which also enhances inner knowledge and shows us the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to the divine energy.

All of these wands are set with two flawless generator Clear Quartz points - one at each end.  They all come with a small bail set on the back so that you can also wear them if you choose (black silken cords are supplied with each one).  The Archangel Michael wand has a lovely clear deep blue shaft, the Gabriel a clear white shaft, the Uriel a clear purple shaft and the Raphael an opaque pale green shaft.  Each one also comes with a small leaflet (not shown) which briefly describes their qualities.

Average size: L93mm


Ref: SLWandArcSet

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