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Elemental Stones


Beautiful engraved set of five genuine gemstone Elemental Stones©; boxed and with a 3-page information guide. 

Each stone is chosen relevant to its own element and is engraved with an ancient, magical symbol, accented in gold.

  Water: Sodalite
  Air: Clear Quartz
  Fire: Red Jasper
  Earth: Aventurine
  Ether: Black Onyx

These lovely stones have many uses. They can be used to help balance and harmonise our energies and also to help connect with the individual elemental spirits. They compliment the Platonic Solids and can be used together or individually depending on your need or purpose at the time. Excellent for meditation also, as well as healing or in a crystal grid.

Equally useful for individuals or therapists alike, these would make an enchanting addition to any crystal healing repertoire.

We’ve included below a brief outline of the information that comes with your stones. The full fact sheet is also available to download free from our Library.

About Elementals
An Elemental is a spirit of nature, embodying four of the five elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Ether does not have a specific elemental spirit associated with it. All of the five elements are combined in different proportions to make up the whole of creation.  The energetic essence of elementals is quite unique and unlike anything else in the intangible realms. It is said that they are responsible for creating, sustaining, and renewing all life on Earth. When we work with the five elements and the Elementals, we connect with their realms and associated energies, benefiting from these vibrations and balancing those elements within ourselves and our environment.

Undines are the elemental spirit of water. They hail from the West and their Archangel is Gabriel. Keywords are love, emotion, balance and freedom. Platonic Solid is: Icosahedron.

Sylphs are the elementals of the region of Air. They hail from the East and their Archangel is Raphael. Keywords are mental inspiration and balance, communication. Platonic Solid is: Octahedron.

Salamanders are the elementals who rule the element of Fire; hailing from the South, their Archangel is Michael. Keywords are power, cleansing, energising. Platonic Solid is: Tetrahedron.

The Earth realm is governed by the Elemental spirit the Gnome. They hail from the North and their Archangel is Ariel. Keywords are grounding, strength, stability, protection. Platonic Solid is: Hexahedron.

Ether, or Quintessence as it is also called, does not have a specific elemental spirit. Ether is what’s present between the spaces not filled by the other four elements.  It is the Universe or Heaven and is an expression of life and consciousness. Keywords are stillness, oneness, connection. Platonic Solid is: Dodecahedron.

They come in a brass-hinged wooden box, together with a velvet pouch and a fact sheet/information guide, covering all aspects of the elemental spirits, their properties and how they may help us with on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Approximate sizes:
- Elemental Stones: W45mm x H35mm
- 3-page information leaflet/guide: A4


Ref: ElemStones

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