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Ruby & Fuschite Sphere

This lovely sphere combines the best qualities of both Ruby and Fuschite together in one gorgeous crystal. Brilliant splashes of the scarlet Ruby float in a gentle sea of mid-green Fuschite, accented by little bits of blue Kynaite (depending on your computer monitor, the Fuschite is softer and slightly less green than it may appear in this photo).

Fuschite, when used with other crystals, is said to help speed up the healing process and Ruby amplifies emotions, making this combination a superb healer of emotional wounds.

Fuschite is a favourite with healers due to its ability to channel information regarding the best remedy or treatment for a client. As Judy Hall puts in in The Crystal Bible, ‘it accesses knowledge with great practical value’. Fuschite can also amplify the energy of other crystals.  It is a superb stone for those who find it hard to reconcile the sometimes difficult lessons of an another persons personal karma. In other words, working with this stone can help us to become more detached from a painful situation, whilst also maintaining our compassion; to realize that to interfere in someone’s life, or even to keep making allowances for someone’s seemingly incorrect behaviour, can be to cheat that person of their own karmic lessons - it teaches us to stand back. Fuschite may also help overcome co-dependent behaviour. Fuschite in Quartz is 'Green Aventurine'.

Ruby is a stone of the earthly realms. It is said to be a protector of hearth, home and personal possessions. It is also the stone of integrity, passion and contentment and has been given and received throughout the ages as a symbol of devotion and passion. Ruby is excellent where has despondency is indicated; to restore a little vigour and passion for life and people .  It brings our focus back to the 'here and now'; helps us to live 'in the moment' and resonates with the Root or Base Chakra. 

Appoximate size: Diametre 50mm (2in)


Ref: RubyFushSph

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