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Fluorite Bear


Beautiful Fluorite carving of a bear on a slate plinth - superb colour.

BEARS: These majestic animals have played an important role in the folklore and traditions of many ancient civilizations. From the Native North American Indians in the West to the Nordic and Celtic tribes of the North; the bear represents a powerful and spiritual symbol.

The Native North American Indians believed the bear to be ‘The Keeper of Medicine’; the one who keeps all of the ancient healing secrets of the earth. The bear is one of the spiritual keepers of the medicine wheel; representing the direction of West and the element of Water.  This powerful animal stands for family, leadership, wisdom and truth. They also have a strong association with the moon and lunar magic.

To the Celts, Artio was a fiercely protective goddess in the form of a mother bear and the ancient warrior-king, Arthur; whose name derived from the bear god, Artaois, embodied the qualities of this noble animal. 

The bear is a potent symbol for fearlessness, loyalty, healing, leadership, wisdom and truth.  Working with 'bear' energies can help connect you to the spiritual warrior inside you.

Often refered to as 'the most colourful mineral in the world', Fluorite can be found in virtually every colour of the rainbow.  In the healing world it is one of the most versatille crystals around and on a psychic level it is known as one of the most protective stones.

Also on a psychic level Fluorite can help us to discern that which is true intuition from that which is influenced by thought or ego. It stabilizes the aura and is one of the most effective guards against background radiation (electromagnetic smog from computers, televisions, etc).

Excelllent to have in both the home and work environment, Fluorite absorbs negative energy from stressful situations, cleansing the etheric body as it goes. It shares similar metaphysical properties with Amethyst, yet has a higher vibration, and can help awaken our spiritual energies, or heighten existing ones.

Approximate size: H57mm x W40mm


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