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Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz

NEW: A-Grade, Self-Healed, Growth Interference, Rainbows

Exceptional quality, A-Grade, Cathedral Lightbrary Quartz crystal with superb clarity.  This is one of two new Cathedral Lightbrarys we've just found; both from the same place in Brazil.

Cathedral Quartz crystals (not to be confused with the geode type ‘cathedral’), are also called Lightbrary, Cathedral Lightbrary (as with this specimen) or sometimes Library crystals.  Cathedral Quartz formations are defined as one main terminated point with other smaller ‘castling’ terminations growing up and out from this point. These beautiful formations are reminiscent of the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis, similar to the fairy tale castle-type or medieval cathedral structures, hence their name.  They are usually very clear (as this one is); with an almost waxy, very smooth feel to them. Their sides are covered in steps which look like shallow terminations growing up along the main shaft towards the tip. 
These exquisite crystals are Universal receptors. They contain the sacred, ancient knowledge of the Akashic records. This knowledge is written in the language of light; embedded in the crystal’s energy structure, and is said to be accessed via meditation. It's easy to see where they get the name, 'Lightbrary' or sometimes, 'Library' Quartz from.

These crystal formations also act as channels through which the Ascended Masters may impart information relevant to humanity at any given time in our evolution. They are extremely powerful healing tools; exceptionally sensitive to receiving Universal frequencies; the essence of which is translated into a clear form for 4th and 5th dimensional beings to understand and interpret. Because of their ability to receive such information, it is imperative to cleanse this particular formation on a regular basis to keep its energy pristine and pure.

This specimen has superb clarity and is of the best, A-Grade quality. It has a soft, almost waxy feel to it (typical of a 'Cathedral'); a very tactile crystal. It has lovely castling terminations, a perfect termination and is also a self-healed, growth interference specimen with a few, little, light-bearing rainbows in its base. It has the purest, brilliant, yet gentle energy. Larger than its 'sister' Cathedral we have here for sale, if this is the kind you were looking for, or are drawn too, either would be a delight to work with.

Growth Interference formations are recognized by what appear to be sections cut out along the main body of the crystal. These marks are in fact indentations left by another crystal which distorted the growth pattern of the Quartz. The crystal which left the indentation has either dropped off in the mining process or may have been removed. The ‘interfering’ crystal (the one which left the indentation) is often Calcite which is far softer than Quartz, but it could also be Quartz itself. This type of formation is believed to a facilitator for identifying and then removing blockages which are holding back your progress in life. With some of the higher vibration Quartz crystals, like Trigonics, Lemurians, Lightbrarys and Starbrarys, this information would be connected to your spiritual progress or to the ancient pre-programmers of the crystal. This information is best accessed during meditation. Sit quietly whilst holding one of these crystals in your hand and gently run your thumb or index finger along the indentation. Focus on the issue at hand; ask what it is that you need to learn (or in the case of the higher vibration crystals, what the crystal needs to impart) and then still your mind, ready to receive the answer. Sometimes this may be an audible answer or it may be you see a series of images in your higher mind. Either way, with patience, the information will present itself to you in a way that you can understand. Often considered ‘ugly’ or ‘broken’ crystals by the novice, these are extremely useful formations.

Self-Healed formations are a type of crystal that can be recognised by small crystalline structures at the point where the crystal was removed from its matrix (usually the base of the crystal). It can also take the form of a crystal that has been broken (often along the horizontal plane) with the broken section looking as though it has ‘healed’ – the broken section being completely covered in small crystal formations, with a clear distinction from a broken bottom or forcibly removed point.  These crystals are the Chiron of the crystal world; the wounded healers. There are, therefore, unsurprisingly, superb healing crystals; promoting healing and well being on all levels. They gauge the need of the user and begin to channel healing energy at a pace consistent with their need and ability to start the holistic process of recovery. An essential element of any crystal healing collection.

Rainbow crystals manifest pure white light, bringing the Universal light into the earth plane. They are some of the most uplifting, joyous crystals to have around, especially on a sunlit window sill were they can channel their beautiful energy into our homes.  They can bring clarity to our dreams and can help dispel negativity, replacing it with pure untainted light.

Approximate size: H135mm x W55mm (H5 1/4in x W2 1/8in)
Approximate overall size (inc. 'bridge' crystal): W50mm (W2in)


Ref: CathedralLightQtz

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